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Heralds of Courage

I am officially a published author. No, not a novel of mine. I have somewhere around seven short stories published in an anthology. Most of you know that I am a member of a Christian writing forum called Holy Worlds.

One of the Holy Worlds members decided she wanted to publish a book with the theme of Justice, Hope, and Honor. Her main goal is to get these books into prisons around the U.S. In order to get stories and poems based on those three themes, she held a contest.

 Each contest submission is in the book. I submitted seven short stories. One of those stories was the runner-up in the Justice category. Today and Saturday I will post two of my favorite stories from my submissions. The runner-up was my favorite, but you will need to buy the book to read it. Here is the link for the book:

Heralds of Courage cover


Here is one of my submissions from the Honor category:


Behind Locked Doors

By Faith Blum

There is nothing as tempting as a locked door. I had only been working at the house for a couple of days when I came across the only locked door in the house. I had been warned not to try to open any of the locked doors. Up until today, I hadn’t found any. Now…it was so tempting.

I had the keys to all the rooms in the house. But if I wasn’t allowed to unlock the locked doors, what was the purpose of giving me the keys? I pondered this as I went around dusting all the flat surfaces.

Two days later, I stopped in front of the locked room again. Nobody else was in the house. It would be so easy to just unlock the door to see what was in there. Why did they keep it locked? Nobody would know I had unlocked the door.

God would, a voice inside my head said. Yes, that was true. God would know. And I would know. I turned away from the door slowly. “God, forgive me for almost giving into temptation. I know I would have felt terrible if I had betrayed my master’s trust in me.”

Don’t forget to come back on Saturday to read my sci-fi (yes, I said SCI-FI) story from the Honor category.

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