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Olive Trees and Cornerstones

“That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:”~ Psalm 144:12 (KJV)

My sister, Naomi, is in a Bible Study this summer and they are studying Women of the Bible.  Somewhere in the introduction to the study, the teacher read this verse and gave a short explanation of it.  Later that evening while Naomi and I were doing dishes (great bonding time, by the way), she mentioned the verse and explanation.  Between the two of us, we came up with a very interesting interpretation.  It goes something like this:

Boys were created to provide for their families, thus they are described as plants (or olive trees).  Girls were created to support their fathers, husbands, and brothers, thus being described as the corner pillar or cornerstone. 

Now before you jump all over me saying that women should have a more influential, more important role, and that God wouldn’t allow them to just hide in the corner, keep house and raise children.  I agree, to a certain point.  However, think about it this way.  The cornerstone is cut perfectly straight.  Everything in the building is measured according to the cornerstone.  If the cornerstone is off even just a little, the building will be crooked, tilted, unstable.  The cornerstone is the most important part of a building.  Without the cornerstone, the building will not be level.  Without the cornerstone, the building could very well fall down.

Ladies, we do have influence, we are important.  Gentlemen, you are influential and have importance.  Each of us has a specific purpose and role in life.  Some are providers, and some are supporters.  Each of us is equally important, just in different ways.  God has a purpose for you in your life.  Go out and live it!

Psalm 144:12 By Naomi Blum
Boys are providers,
Girls are support.
Boys are olive trees,
Girls are cornerstones.
Boys give us food,
Girls keep us level.

Boys are in the open,
Girls are unseen, yet influential.
Boys are tall and strong,
Girls are straight and polished.
Boys are providers,
Girls are support.

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