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A Mighty Fortress Update, General Blog Update, and a Poll

A Mighty Fortress Update

This weekend, A Mighty Fortress will be heading out to the test readers!! ^_^  Am I excited?  Yes, I am.  This draft is so much better than the last one.  Though not perfect, I doubt it ever will be, I feel like it is finally getting to the point that I can be very happy with where it is.  My characters are developed, the passive voice is mostly eliminated (yes, I was having trouble with that), I have fewer adverbs, and the plot is stronger than ever.

For the next month, I will be doing some research.  Lots of research.  How to publish; how to market; finalizing my book cover, bookmarks, and business cards; coming up with ideas for promoting my book.  I will also be working on the sequel, Be Thou My Vision.  Exciting times lie ahead.

General Blog Update

This is my 19th blog post in almost exactly three months.  Yikes!  I can hardly believe I have had my blog that long already.  This being said, I would like to do something a little different an special for the 25th post.  Just because.  This is where the poll below comes in.  I want the readers to decide what kind of post I write and post on or around September 11, 2013.  (And I also get to try out the “Add Poll” feature).

A Poll

(voting ends Tuesday, August 27, 2013 even if the poll is still open)

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