Faith Blum

In Which Faith Shares Her Goals for “A Mighty Fortress”

I think the title pretty much says it all. I have some goals and I would like some accountability for said goals. That being said, I think I’d better share the goals.


Finish Draft Two by August 24, 2013

Send to Beta-Readers August 25, 2013

Receive Feedback no later than September 21, 2013

Finish final edits by October 12, 2013

Send to Proofreaders/editors by October 13, 2013

Receive Feedback no later than November 2, 2013

Make last minute changes and finish by November 12, 2013

Send to formatter by November 14, 2013

Publish late November/Early December


What do you think of my goals? Can you help keep me accountable to them? While my book is in the hands of my beta-readers, I plan on doing research on self-publishing as well as marketing. Any help in these areas would also be greatly appreciated.

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