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Have you grown frustrated with Facebook’s liberal leanings?  Has an organization you know and trust been kicked off of Facebook because they were posting things that were “too controversial”, “too discriminating”, etc.?  Well, there is good news!

Brannon Howse from Worldview Weekend Radio has launched a Facebook alternative called “MyWorldviewPage”.

The set up is similar to Facebook, but has its differences.  One of the main differences I have noticed so far is that you can see everybody’s public status updates whether you are friends with them or not.  In some ways this is nice and in others it isn’t, but like most things, it will take some time to get used to it.

MyWorldviewPage is for Christians and is to be used for the encouragement and edification of you and other Christians.  Here is what the founder, Brannon Howse, said in the announcement:

 A Social Media Page for Those That Embrace a Biblical Worldview

BIG NEWS! has now launched. We have spent the past few days tweaking the page with the feedback of about 450 members. Now we are ready for you and your friends to join. It is free so join now. Our slogan is:

MyWorldviewPage is where conservative Christians can connect, fellowship, and encourage one another by sharing Biblical resources and discussing Biblical issues that strengthen a Biblical worldview…

…The idea for this social media site came about after we were locked out of our Worldview Weekend page on Facebook for four days late on June 20th to June 24th. You can read more about this here:

On June 27th American Thinker reported “over the last couple of weeks Facebook has clamped down heavily on various (around 40) counter-jihad and patriot pages. The administrators of these pages were shocked when they logged on and found that their pages had suddenly ‘disappeared’”.  According to American Thinker, “on the 19th of June, ‘Ban Islam’ was itself banned. (‘Ban Islam’ had at least 45,000 followers.) The admin immediately set up ‘Ban Islam 2’ only to be banned again a couple of days ago. ‘Islam Against Women’, ‘Islam Free Planet’ and many others have also been banned. The blog Sharia Unveiled estimates that around 40 pages have been banned in the last couple of weeks. And, as that blog puts it, ‘from what we are hearing, this is only the beginning’”.  You can read the entire article here:

…These are only a few of the numerous reports you will find on the World Wide Web of what is happening over at Facebook according to many firsthand is more than just a social media site as we also offer free Biblical worldview radio and television programs and news. You have to check this out now!

If you disagree with Facebook’s actions you will be pleased to know there is now an alternative. If you are ready for a distinctively conservative social media site where its members and management are committed to a Biblical worldview then don’t delay; sign up now and create your page right now for free at

I have been on it for a week now and just posted my first status update today.  I asked a question about foreknowledge and had six very thoughtful, Biblical responses within an hour.  I was amazed!

If you are at all unsure about what to think, I encourage you to at least go to the website and read the statement of faith and doctrine.  If you do join, I would love to be friends with you.

In closing, I will leave you with this verse from the Psalms:

 Psalm 32-8

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  1. Interesting concept, but ultimately what makes Facebook what it is are the people that are on it — the people that we know and come in contact with every day. Running away from those people isn’t going to do anything. (Granted, you could say that the two can exist together, which they can, but I don’t think it makes sense to argue for one as an alternative to the other)

    1. That is true. And I will still be on Facebook since that is the best place to advertise my book and stay up-to-date with the majority of my friends. But, it is an alternative if you ever get too fed up with Facebook.

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