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Of Bookmarks, Business Cards, and Updates


I am officially in marketing mode for A Mighty Fortress.  I now have bookmarks and business cards to hand out to people.  So, if anybody wants a business card or some bookmarks, just let me know.  If you are going to have a table or booth at a craft fair, home school conference, etc., I would be happy to send some bookmarks and business cards to you if you are will to have them on your table.

But what do they look like?

I am so glad you asked.  First, here is the business card:


Business Card

And now for the bookmarks.  You might recognize the front of the bookmark if you saw the book cover reveal a couple of months ago.   Here is the front:

 bookmark front2


And the back:

 bookmark back2


The back is very similar to what the back of the book will look like once it is completely finished.

I am very excited to have these marketing tools in my hands.  Now all I need is conversation starters that lead to the handing out of the bookmarks and business cards.  Too bad they don’t send a few along with the orders. 😉

Quick Update

By way of a quick update, I thought I would mention that the next phase has begun.  Or should I say that the last phase has begun.  By this evening, I should have all the critiques back on A Mighty Fortress and on Friday, I will begin going through them all and changing anything that needs changed.

Then, Lord willing, on October 13th, I will send it off to my lovely editors.  The end is in sight and I am getting rather nervous and excited.  How about you?


In exactly one month, on October 25th, I will be announcing my first ever book giveaway.  I am super, super excited about it and I’m sure you will be, too.




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  1. *is getting antsy himself* 😀 It seems like just a short time ago this all started and now it’s all coming to a close (for this book, of course). I can’t wait to see the finished product. 😀

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