Saturday, November 27, 2021

Black Friday Deals!

You don’t have to look any further than these awesome books by awesome self-published authors for gifts to stuff your stockings. From Black Friday through the day after Cyber Monday, fill your shelves with paperbacks!


Faith Blum

        93LQLRJ8 (10% off)

A Mighty Fortress:

Melody Valadez

        DQTR44VX (20% off)

Those Who Trespass:

Marilynn Dawson

        2MU73RQR (10% off)

  Mom’s Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate:

Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey: Volume One Volume Two Volume Three Volume Four Volume Five Volume Six Leader’s Guide

Molly Evangeline

Kelsey Bryant

            YFY84GHU (20% off)

    Family Reunion:

Christina & Melody Grubb

Aubrey Hansen

            D6PH5HAT (20% off)

    Peter’s Angel:

Red Rain:

Morgan Huneke

            BX6RV6SK (20% off)

    Across the Stars:

    The Experiment:

Vicki Lucas

    Toxic: (Discounted to $10 through Paypal)

J. Grace Pennington

            9L3ES8RT (20% off)


    Firmament: Radialloy:

    Firmament: In His Image:

Jordan Smith

            5PC4QW6S (20% off)

    Finding the Core of Your Story:

There is also a rafflecopter giveaway as part of this sale:

Rafflecopter: <a id=”rc-b343e50″ href=”” rel=”nofollow”>a Rafflecopter giveaway</a>
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In addition to this sale of CreateSpace paperbacks, today is also the day for my Black Friday Facebook Party starting at 10:00 a.m. CDT.  I am also involved in another sale, this time for my Kindle book and signed copies.

Happy Black Friday and enjoy the crowds if you are crazy enough to go shopping.  If not, enjoy staying at home.

Faith Blum
<p>I am Faith Blum, author of over 25 books. Most of them are Christian Historical Fiction. I am a small-town Wisconsin girl. I have lived in, or outside of, small towns my whole life. The thought of living in a city with more than 60,000 people in it scares me, especially after some interesting adventures driving through big cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.</p> <p>I currently reside in the middle of the state of Wisconsin with my husband and our cat, Smokey. I am blessed to be able to have writing as my full-time career with household work and cooking to do on the side. I am also teaching Writing Lessons, doing writing consulting, and am slowly building a Young Living Essential Oils business.</p>

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  1. I did go Black Friday shopping at midnight and the crowds were insane! It didn’t help that the store blocked off a ton of isles and wouldn’t let anyone walk down them. We were trapped in a sea of people for about 20 minutes, and we didn’t get what we wanted anyway because they were all sold out. I’m sticking with virtual Black Friday shopping from now on! 🙂

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