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I need your assistance

*Walks onto the internet stage with fear, trepidation, and a little bit of hope.  Stopping at the podium, I clear my throat and open my mouth*

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After watching this video and getting a rather hard nudge or two from a friend (you know who you are 😉 ), I spent a couple of weeks praying about an idea that the above mentioned friend suggested to me.  After much prayer and some discussion with my family, I have decided to do it.  But, I need some help and that is where you come in and why I am writing this blog post.

First, a little more about the project.

If you watched the video I linked to, you might be able to kind of guess what my project is going to be.  I would like to do a video on “What gals think about modesty” for the men and boys.  My idea is to gather some letters, essays, and/or thoughts from various women of varying ages.  Once I have those, I will compile them and record what I have.  After the audio is recorded, my friend and I will gather pictures to add to the video and it will be posted.

Where the Ladies come in:

Ladies, I cannot do this on my own.  I know that there are some women out there who struggle with lust in a similar way as so many men do, and the way they dress does not help, but I do not have personal experience with this.  What I need from you is a short write up (or a long one if you can) on the following issues.  You can choose one, two, or more.  It really doesn’t matter to me.

  • Why should men and boys be modest?
  • What does modest mean?
  • How does the way men dress affect you?
  • How does the way men dress affect your perception of them?
  • Anything else you might come up with to say on the topic.  🙂

Anything you send to me will remain anonymous.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  My email address is in the Contact Me section of my blog.

Where the Gentlemen come in (and the Ladies, too):

Share this blog post.  It’s really that simple.  I would really like to get a wide variety of opinions and thoughts on this so I can put together a well informed video so the wider the reach I get, the better.  If you have a blog, you can reblog it.  If you have a Social Media account, you can share it.  The wider the audience, the better the video, in my opinion.


I need to have all write ups to me no later than July 1st, 2014.  I will also be posting reminders throughout the month of June.

One last thing

I would not be opposed to getting some male feedback as well.  In fact, I think it would be a good idea so if there are any men out there who would also like to write something up for me, please feel free to do so.

Thank you very much.

God Bless,

Faith Blum

*curtsies and walks off the internet stage to prepare her inbox for a flood of emails*

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