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One Year Anniversary

A Year in PIctures
A Year in Pictures

I can hardly believe it, but one year ago today, I wrote my very first blog post.  Since then, I have written 68 more blog posts with this one becoming post number 70.  It’s been a busy, but productive year.  Since May 22, 2013, I have published one book, got ideas for at least four more in the series, started writing books #2 and 3, done a book signing, and started co-authoring a non-fiction book.  And that’s just in the writing realm!

Let’s take a quick look at some of the stats from the last blog year:

Year in review:

Most fun to write post: The Day Satan’s Plan Fell Apart

Most popular post: An Open Letter to Amy Glass

Most used tag: Writing

Most used category: Writing

Top Commenter (besides me): Nate65

And for the fun of it, and because I am fascinated by this: The top 7 countries to visit my blog:

  1. United States of America (surprise, surprise 😛 )
  2. United Kingdom (*waves to Andrew and Stephanie*)
  3. Australia (*waves to Peter and Bushy*)
  4. Canada (Hi, Rose)
  5. Ireland (*waves to Lauser family*)
  6. Philippines (Hi, Alyssa!)
  7. Republic of Korea (*is very curious who from Korea found me*)

And there you have it.  Also represented on the stats were some Middle Eastern, African, South American, and various other European countries.

As we start another year together on this blog, I want to thank you, the reader.  Without you, my blog would be useless and a waste of time.  I want to public thank all of you who take the time to read and sometimes comment on my blog.

In closing, I am going to do a shameless plug.  If you haven’t checked out my last post about my need for assistance, please do that here.


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