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AFSiJ week three



Week Three Questions


Were you able to meet your goal this week?

My editing almost made it. If it hadn’t been for packing to go camping, I would have made it. My writing did though, because I was able to bring that with me.  🙂

Where did you get the bulk of your writing accomplished? In the quiet of your room, outside on the patio, on the bus?

In my bedroom and in the tent on our vacation.

Share a couple of your favorite snippets!

Well, I ain’t going ta ask him, so you may’s well tell me.”
Rachel crossed her arms. “And if I don’t?”
“Then you’ll find a frog or worm in your lunch,” he threatened.
“What is your name?” Rachel asked.
“Tobias Whetherford Ramsey, III,” he answered with a haughty tone.
“Well, Toby, I dare you to put a frog or worm in my lunch box,” Rachel said. “You won’t hear me scream when I see it and I might just find something else to put into yours.” Rachel gave a sharp nod and turned on her heel.

Have you introduced a new character into your story? Tell us about his personality. 

Yes, actually I have. He’s introduced in the snippet above. Tobias Whetherford Ramsey, III. He is an arrogant young man who likes things his way and only his way. If he doesn’t get his way, his anger takes over. He is a bully at school and loves to torment people. Oh, and he hates being called “Toby”.

List the favorite foods of your main characters.

Steak and potatoes. I just wrote about it today.

Introduce us to the antagonist in your story and tell us about one of his or her quirks.

Mrs. Morgan is one of the antagonists in both books. She is the church busybody who likes things done just right and refuses to take no for an answer. Her worst quirk is taking things that happen and twisting them to her own advantage.

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