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Stories by Students

A dear friend of mine teaches at a local Christian school. This year, she has a Christian Literature class and got permission to read my book, A Mighty Fortress with her class. Then she had the idea to have the author come in as a guest to talk to the class. As we brainstormed some activities and/or writing projects her students could do, I came up with the idea that each of the students could write a short back story of one of the characters in A Mighty Fortress. Apparently, the students loved the ideas.

I have yet to read the stories, but that is one of the things I will be doing this week (once I have them) and I really look forward to it. We also got permission from the Principal and the students’ parents to post each of the stories on my blog. Starting December 2, I will post one story every school day. Just something to look forward to as you do your Christmas shopping and decorating. 😀


Amazing Grace_FRONTWould you like to get a sneak peek into Amazing Grace? If you have read Be Thou My Vision or A Mighty Fortress, I will send you an entire chapter from Amazing Grace (and it won’t be the one I put at the end of the book). The only catch is that you have to review one of my books on Amazon and send me the link to your review. Reviews are important to authors because once we have enough good reviews, we can do more promotions and it also can help with sales.

Note: If you don’t have a copy of my book, I can email you a PDF or .mobi file to read.


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