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Three stories left counting this one and another one about Esther, Joshua and Ruth’s older sister! Today’s special guest is Alejandrina R. In case today is the first time you’ve seen this series of posts, my friend is reading A Mighty Fortress to her students for their Christian Literature class and challenged them to write back stories of one of the characters in my first book. It was a lot of fun reading them all.  If you haven’t read the book yet, it’s on sale right now for 99 cents. Enjoy the story and watch for the next story on Monday! Note: The stories will all be unedited and posted as each high school student wrote them.


by Alejandrina R.

It was fine spring day on April 11th the year 1843. The wind was blowing ever so gently, sun shining bright on God’s creation, all was calm and quiet. However, there was one house in Illinois that was anything but calm. Something big and exciting was about to happen. A baby was to be born this very day.

It was the mother and father’s very first child and you can imagine how excited and nervous they would be. The mother had been in labor for quite some time and the child was to be born any moment now. The midwife was preparing for the delivery, the mother was in great pain, and the father was anxiously waiting with his wife. This went on for a few short minutes until finally; “whhaaa” the first cry was heard.

“I am a little girl, what is my name?” the midwife announced pretending to talk for the baby. Immediately the proud Mother shouted Esther May Hopewell! The father and mother were both holding their little bundle of joy with great smiles of pride and happiness on their faces. They kept praising God for the blessing little Esther was to them. They prayed for the wisdom to guide Esther throughout her life.

About three years after Esther was born, her sister Martha was born. “I will love her forever! And teach her everything I know. She will be my best friend and we are going to have so much fun together!” Exclaimed Esther the first time she saw Martha. Esther did just what she said. She loved Martha so much and helped her mother take care of her and played with her.

There were two girls in this family for a good 4 years. Then, one December night, the first boy was born. His name was Matthew. The girls loved playing with Matthew and would play dress up with him until he grew up a bit a realized it was a girl’s game. He would rather play card or board games or go out hunting with pa. At first Martha was a bit sad, but Esther gave her comfort and reminded her that she would always be there to be with her.            Esther matured and became more and more like her mother. She would babysit the kids, clean the house, and cook meals if ma was ever sick.

When Matthew was the age of 9, Esther thought her parents were done having kids, however God had a very different plan. When Esther was 12, Joshua was born. He was a handful but she loved him. Just two years after Joshua was born Ruth was born. Ruth especially looked up to Esther and wanted to become just like her.

Esther was a very godly teenager and liked to spend time in God’s word. The thought of boys didn’t cross her mind very often. That was until this boy from church, his name was David offered to hang her coat up and said she looked nice. They smiled at each other quite a bit that day. David and she had known each other for a while now. He had always been kind and polite, but more so to her than any other girl. She just then began to realize how he had been more timid to approach and talk to her recently. He could talk to Martha and Esther’s friend Grace just fine. They had always been just friends, but was something about to change?

“So, David finally got the courage to take your coat and talk to you like a normal person.” said Grace somewhat excitedly. “What do you mean ‘like a normal person’?” questioned Esther. “Oh come on Esther, you mean you haven’t noticed the way he looks at you during the service sometimes, or makes an effort to help you in any way? What about him trying to talk to you and mess around with you a bit?” “Are you saying he likes me?” “Yes Ruth, I am. Look he’s talking to your father right now.” Esther noticed and turned to see David and her father chatting and every once in a while glance over at her. After they were done talking, Esther immediately rushed to her father to ask what they were discussing. Her father replied with a simple “Nothing much.”

The following Sundays, David kept having small chats with Esther’s father. Esther started to like David like David liked her. She was 17 years old at this time, he was 18. They were both Christian’s who feared God, and they genuinely cared for each other. And one Sunday, David asked “Are you busy this Friday? Some friends from church are going to have a fellowship night at my house.” Esther gave it some thought and said “That sounds like fun, I will ask my father really quickly.” Somehow, Esther knew he would say yes, and the next Friday they were off.

Esther really enjoyed herself that night and two weeks later they were together again. This relationship continued for a year. Then, they stepped it up a level, David and Esther started courting. The third summer of courting, David proposed and they were to be married the following summer. That night they went home to tell Esther’s family and when they arrived, David’s family was there too and they celebrated and gave thanks to God late into the night.

Time had passed so fast and the wedding day was there before they knew it. Esther was dressed in an elegant, long sleeve, ivory wedding dress and David was in a nice suit and tie. That was a very happy day for both Ether and David’s families.

Esther and David were very excited to start on their new life together. They moved about an hour and a half from home in a beautiful valley. David was a farmer and Esther stayed home and kept the house. They soon found out Esther would have more than the house to keep. They were going to have a baby! They were so grateful for the life God had given them to take care of. David and Grace went on to have three kids. Esther was the best mother anyone could ask for, and David, the best father. They loved God, each other, and their kids and lived a long happy life.

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