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“Esther” by Sarah A.

Stories by Students

Today is the start of a daily posting of stories by written by students (weekdays only, not weekends). The teacher of their class challenged them to write back stories of one of the characters in my first book, A Mighty Fortress. It was a lot of fun reading them all. Today we have one by Sarah A. and it is about Esther, Joshua and Ruth’s older sister. If you haven’t read the book yet, it’s on sale right now for 99 cents. Enjoy the story and watch for the next story tomorrow! Note: The stories will all be unedited and posted as each high school student wrote them.


by Sarah A.

Hello, my name is Ester. I was born on September 3rd. I grew up with my older brother Matthew and my two parents and my older sister Martha and my younger brother Joshua and my younger sister Ruth. We had a happy home.

When I was about 7 years old I started school. I was really frightened but I knew my parents knew best by sending me to school. Other children frightened me. I was afraid they weren’t going to like me, so I usually hid from them. I could just hear them laughing at me, even though their laughter was all in my head.

Much to my disbelief, I actually began to like school. I met my best friend there, Ally. She and I did everything together. We walked through the prairie together, and picked apples together and played house. It was so much fun.

I went to school in a small, one roomed, white school house. Our teacher was Mr. Bell. He wasn’t the nicest man in the world, but he was one of the smartest. Some days I wondered if he even liked children at all. But then my parents told me that he was doing something called, “tough love”. He pushed us for our own good they said.

I was about 12 years old, when my parents began to talk more and more about going out West and starting new life. I didn’t want to move out west. I liked living here. I had my friends and everyone I loved was here. But I convinced myself that all it was just “talk”.

When I turned 15, there was a new boy that came to our school. His name was David. He was really handsome with dark hair and clear Blue eyes. All the girls were crazy over him, and at first he began to like the attention he got, and from the way he reacted, you could tell it was not the first time he had been treated this way by girls.

All the girls began to flirt with him. But to my surprise, he did not reciprocate. I thought for sure he would gobble all the attention up and flirt right back and become a playboy. He didn’t. Instead he rather ignored it. The only person he flirted with……was me! He began to court me and then a year and a half later, he proposed and I accepted! We were married in December.

After Gale and I had been married a year, we were blessed with our daughter, Faith. It has been a year since then and now my parents announced that they would be leaving to go find that dream land they have been talking about for as long as I can remember. I am happy for them but yet, I wish they wouldn’t leave. I won’t be the same without them here. But God knows best and I know He has a plan for them.

Faith Blum
<p>I am Faith Blum, author of over 25 books. Most of them are Christian Historical Fiction. I am a small-town Wisconsin girl. I have lived in, or outside of, small towns my whole life. The thought of living in a city with more than 60,000 people in it scares me, especially after some interesting adventures driving through big cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.</p> <p>I currently reside in the middle of the state of Wisconsin with my husband and our cat, Smokey. I am blessed to be able to have writing as my full-time career with household work and cooking to do on the side. I am also teaching Writing Lessons, doing writing consulting, and am slowly building a Young Living Essential Oils business.</p>

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