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Sale Update, new reviews, and a true story

Sale Update

My recent sale went very well in my opinion. I might not have sold thousands, but I definitely sold much more than I thought I would and outsold the money I spent on promotions. The sale ran 7 days for both of my books, but I only promoted Be Thou My Vision. Naturally, I sold more of those than of  A Mighty Fortress, but I was expecting that.

To me, the most exciting part of this promo was when both of my books were in the top 50 in Christian Westerns. Be Thou My Vision made it to the #6 in Christian Westerns and in Westerns for a day. On December 2nd, I had a promotion on the eReader News Today website and email. The ad cost me $25, but it was well worth it. I sold 113 total books that day, 20 for AMF and 93 for BTMV for a total of over $70.00! I’ve even gotten a few post-sale sales which has been wonderful!

Screenshot of the email
Screenshot of the email
Graph of sales from Amazon
Graph of sales from Amazon

Ratings the day after the ENT promo
Ratings the day after the ENT promo
Proof that my book was #6 :)
Proof that my book was #6 🙂

On December 6th, I had a $5 promo on the Sweet Free Books email and website and I sold 11 books earning me about $6.00. I think that promo might have sold fewer because I had recently done a promo with the same book on their site a couple of months ago. Overall, I am very pleased with the sale.

New Reviews

I also have two new reviews for “Be Thou My Vision” and one for “A Mighty Fortress”. Here is a sampling of the reviews:

George on Be Thou My Vision: Gentleness is a missing character quality in many families and personal lives today. The author, Faith Blum, reveals how gentleness and compassion can soften even the hardest of hearts. Be Thou My Vision is a romance novel that held my attention enough to read it in a single sitting. It clearly and powerfully presents Jesus as our hope through letters, and sermons, but most of all, through the lives of it’s characters, Anna, Miles, and others. Other godly character qualities demonstrated where patience, love, and dependency on the providence of God. As I know Faith personally, I saw her own personality shine through the book. I personally recommend her book to anyone who needs encouragement and hope in their lives.

Jessica on A Mighty Fortress: Well researched and an excellent plot. The author tells a story of two young men from two very different backgrounds and how a meeting, that seems like chance, changes both their lives. The story is so well told that the momentum is never lost and never seems manufactured. Completely credible description of life in the west at that time. If you love stories of the old west you will love this book.

The best thing an author can hear is that people couldn’t put your book down. Well, from Saturday to Wednesday, I heard that exact phrase three times; twice about BTMV and once about AMF! Very thrilling. It makes me want to get book three out all the sooner, but I also know I can’t rush it. I still hope to have it published on February 14th, at least for the Kindle version.

True Story

Someone I recently met online through the Clean Indie Reads sale shared a story with me after the person finished reading A Mighty Fortress. They gave me permission to share the story with you as long as they remained anonymous. I love this story because it reminds me of what I wrote in AMF and it is encouraging to hear that, while my story might be fiction, there are real people out there who have truly gone through the same thing. Here’s the story:

When my father first went into the ministry he was asked to be chaplain to the death row and life sentence block in the main prison in Zimbabwe, where I was born.  On each occasion when someone was due to be executed my dad would always do everything he could to get a pardon for them.  But he worked just as hard to get them saved and into the Kingdom.  He was able to get four pardon’s, but one of the men that he desperately wanted to get a pardon for he couldn’t.  The man had become a Christian a few weeks before and Dad went to see the governor again at about 4 am before the execution at 6 am.  The pardon was denied again.  When my dad told the “prisoner” that he was sorry and that the pardon had been denied the man looked at my dad with a slow but knowing smile and said,

“Mfundisi, (Shona word for Teacher/Pastor) you have been a Christian a lot longer than me, but I’m gonna see God before you do.”

I think it was the promise of those words that got my dad through that execution.

But I thought you should know, that someone who you have never met, but who is a Christian read your book and saw not only truth and authenticity, but God’s blessing.

I know the Lord loved your book!


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