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“Tom” by Caroline L.

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Today’s special guest is Caroline L. Her story is about the outlaw leader, Tom. In case today is the first time you’ve seen this series of posts, my friend is reading A Mighty Fortress to her students for their Christian Literature class and challenged them to write back stories of one of the characters in my first book. It was a lot of fun reading them all.  If you haven’t read the book yet, it’s on sale right now for 99 cents. Enjoy the story and watch for the next story on Monday! Note: The stories will all be unedited and posted as each high school student wrote them.

Tom’s Story

by Caroline L.

At the moment Tom is an outlaw. But he didn’t start that way. Tom grew up just outside of town. He was very rich and lived in a big mansion. His father was a business man and owned a lot of oil. He had a brother and a sister, Eli and May. May was 16, Tom was 12, and Eli was 1. He had a lot of friends in school and had okay grades.

On a Thursday afternoon Tom went to his friend Adam’s house to hang out. Suddenly his sister came running to him crying her eyes out. It took about an hour to get the words out. Then she told him that there house burnt to the ground and Mom, Dad, and Eli were trapped inside and had no way of getting out. May was the only one spared. From that moment on everything changed. Tom wanted to be rebellious.

Tom and May were put in a foster home. He was so angry with life and angry at God. He stopped talking to his friends at school and was just so mean to them. He also started failing I school, and started a lot of trouble. Tom was majorly depressed. One day he was so mad and he stayed home from school just to think about the tragic event all day and just let out his anger. He did that, but he also had an idea. He would run away, take his parent’s money from the bank, and start his own life. Well, the idea was just an idea, and he never fulfilled it. It was taunting him for years, though. Years of depression, of causing more trouble, and of drinking. Then, he did it! He finally did it at age eighteen after his sister, May, died of Leukemia.

He ran away and took his parents money to a different town, far, far away. When he reached his destination, he bought an apartment and spent endless nights at the saloon getting wasted. One time he was so incredibly drunk, he took his gun and shot a man. After he realized what he had done, he ran for dear life, leaving everything behind except the gun in his hand. Eventually the Sheriff caught up with him. Tom was so scared he shot and killed him too. He did that with anyone who came after him, and then it all ended. No more sheriffs, marshals, or anyone came to hunt him down.

Tom then ran out of the country to Mexico, and formed a gang with some other American outlaws who were also hiding out in Mexico. Tom eventually came back to America and continued to live an outlaw life.


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