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I hope you have all been enjoying the blog tour. I know I have. If you have missed any of the posts, click here to check them out. Even though I have enjoyed every post on the tour, I’m most excited about this one. There are a couple of reasons for this.

1. I finally accomplished the impossible (for me)! I wrote a complete story in less than 20,000 words! And then I did it two more times!

2. I finally get to show you the lovely covers I have for the Hymns of the West Novellas and announce when the first one will be published!


First of all, you should know that these novellas can be read without reading any of my other books or even without reading each novella. Now, some of you are probably wondering where the ideas came from and why they are called “Hymns of the West Novellas.”

It all started while I was writing Amazing Grace. There was a very minor character in there who has one scene. He interacts with his friend, Rhoda and then they disappear from the fictional world. That scene was super fun to write and I just couldn’t leave Cole and Rhoda with that tiny bit of a story. I needed to know the background for how they got to that point. So I wrote, I Love Thee.

I Love Thee
Publication date: June 26, 2015


Mom and Dad dead STOP Please come STOP Gage

Confirmed bachelor, Cole Baxter, finds himself raising his sister’s four young children. After one week of leaving his ranch in the hands of his foreman to take care of the grieving, needy children, he has to admit the task is beyond him and he needs help. But hired help won’t suffice: those children need a mother’s hand. Cole needs a wife.

Approximately 18,000 words.

Click on the picture to order now.
Click on the picture to order now.
Pass Me Not
After I Love Thee was written, I knew I couldn’t publish just one novella. So, I decided to write stories for the other two mail order brides mentioned in Amazing Grace.
Pass Me Not (2)
Let me at Thy throne of mercy/Find a sweet relief/Kneeling there in deep contrition/Help my unbelief
Timothy is at his wit’s end. His twelve year old half-sister has run off five housekeepers in almost a year. Since their parents died, she has grown wilder than ever. What can he do? As he looks for a new housekeeper, his eye catches sight of a mail order bride advertisement. One young lady has a younger sister and sounds like a God-fearing woman. Could this be the answer to his dilemma or will Louise run her off, too?
Approximately 15,300 words
I think, of these three, that this one is my favorite. It is completely different from what I’ve ever written or thought of writing, but it was super fun to write. It’s also the shorter of the three and has two romances in it. Like I said, I had a lot of fun writing it.
Mail Order bride seeks wealthy Western man. Write Mona Sommers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Alexander Granger is tired of his father’s lectures and sermons. It’s time for payback. His plan is to pretend to marry a woman and scandalize his father when he finds out they aren’t really married. Will Mona accept his offer? Can Alex get away with his plan?
Approximately 11,600 words.


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  4. My favorite scenario for a mail order bride would be this. A man’s wife has died of some devastating illness and left him with a passel of kids to raise on his own. After a month or two of desperate attempts to be all his kids need while keeping the farm running, he decides he needs a wife.

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