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Where Shadows Lie Blog Tour


Today I am privileged to have another author here. Well, her book anyway. In this post will be a review, some nice graphics, and a giveaway! First, I’d like to share what this book is about.

Genre: Christian New Adult Suspense
Release Date: June 14th 2015
Purchase: Amazon
Synopsis via Goodreads:
Where Shadows Lie front cover5 FINALHis dark past haunts him. His new life taunts him. 
After twenty years in the gangs and a hefty prison sentence, an early release gives Shawn the opportunity to turn his life around.
But that isn’t so easy when gangs are involved.

Only a year into his fresh start, the gang catches on and makes Shawn’s life miserable. After all, once a gang member, always a gang member. His very blood belongs to them.
Threats become promises. Whispers become actions. Words become bullets. He must fight – not only for his life, but to save his honor, prove his integrity, and protect the woman he loves.
An ember of hope glows in the darkness, strengthening his resolve. Will her support and his determination be enough to dispel the shadows of his past?
A story of discovery and faith, love and perseverance.



Tialla Rising is a Christian young woman living with her family in the mountains of Arizona. She loves to write and will passionately spend hours long into the night developing her stories. Like most writers, Tialla fills her spare time with reading from her favorite fantasy and mystery genres. A good book, a stormy day, and an iced coffee comprise her favorite moments.

Book Review

Recommended ages: 13 & up for gang violence


This was the first Christian book in this genre I have ever read. I was pleasantly surprised at the obvious research bigstock-Urban-Alley-At-Night-30383132and hard work the author did to write this book.

Characters: .75/1

The characters were usually easy to relate to. I liked Bryan the best, even though he was a minor character. Virginia and Shawn were good, too, but Bryan just struck a cord with me. Maybe because we’re both the oldest. There were a few times when the characters seemed a little forced or two-dimensional, but that didn’t happen often. The good characters all had flaws and the bad characters had some good aspects, especially the villain.

Dialogue: 1/1

Tialla did a very good job with the dialogue. Each character had a unique voice and always said things realistically.

Plot/storyline: 1/1

Let’s just say, I’m glad I don’t live in a city like the one Shawn lived in. And I wouldn’t want to be Virginia or Shawn. But, the plot and storyline was very well done and intriguing. Even to someone who usually reads historical fiction. 🙂

bigstock-Burglar-Hand-Holding-Crowbar-B-25233641quoteOver-all writing quality: .75/1

There were a few typos that diminished the reading, but nothing awful. Other than that, the writing was very good.

Un-put-down-ability: .75/1

There were a few times when the story dragged a little and other times I didn’t want to put the book down, but had to.

Overall: 4.25/5

If you like stories about redemption, mystery, and don’t mind some violence, this book is for you. The violence isn’t awful and certainly isn’t graphic, but it is still there for the imagination to pick up on if you allow it to.

I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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Faith Blum
<p>I am Faith Blum, author of over 25 books. Most of them are Christian Historical Fiction. I am a small-town Wisconsin girl. I have lived in, or outside of, small towns my whole life. The thought of living in a city with more than 60,000 people in it scares me, especially after some interesting adventures driving through big cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.</p> <p>I currently reside in the middle of the state of Wisconsin with my husband and our cat, Smokey. I am blessed to be able to have writing as my full-time career with household work and cooking to do on the side. I am also teaching Writing Lessons, doing writing consulting, and am slowly building a Young Living Essential Oils business.</p>

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