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Book Review: Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married

Title: Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married
Written By: Gary Chapman
Genre: Relationships/Non-fiction
Recommended Ages: 16 & up


I have read two if Gary Chapman’s books before (The Five Love Languages and Five Love Languages for Singles) and enjoyed them. When my friend gave my fiance and I this book, I knew I wanted to read it before our wedding. I’m glad I did. We had already talked about many of the things Gary mentions in his book, but there were a few that I think will be very helpful for us as we get married and move past the “tingles.”

Clarity: .75/1

Most of what Mr. Chapman said was very clear and easy to understand. There were a few things that I was a little curious why he had to mention. Not because they were bad, but because I thought they were more obvious to talk about with a potential spouse than they apparently are.
Another thing that bugged me a little is that from what I understand, this book–and the author–is supposed to be geared toward Christians. But when he mentioned the Bible (fairly rare), he called it the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. I’m probably being a little picky here, but I would have appreciated it if he would have called the Bible what it is and put in a few more Biblical reasons behind each of his tips.

Usability: 1/1

The majority of the book will definitely be usable. I know my fiance will not be able to read the whole book before the wedding, so I took quite a few notes while reading and after I finished it. And now I have a good conversation to have with him in the next week or so.

Readability: 1/1

The way the book was written and formatted made it easy to read.

Overall writing quality: .75/1

I can’t remember finding any typos. The only problem I had was the personality test in the back that must have a link that is expired. I found another version of the test and emailed the people at his website to let them know it doesn’t work anymore.

Un-put-down-ability: .75/1

This isn’t one of those books that you simply can’t put down. But it isn’t so dry you don’t ever want to pick it up again, either. It’s a little more neutral with a fairly good tip on the former description’s side.

Conclusion: 4.25/5

I would recommend this book to anyone who are going into a serious relationship, engaged, or even newly married. There are at least 3 chapters that could be helpful to newlyweds and might just save their marriage.

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