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The Honeymoon

Hi! I’m back! I made it through the wedding, married my beloved, disappeared from the internet world (mostly) for about 2 weeks, and now I’m back. And still not online much because I have a house to put together. But I took today off of house work for the most part. So here I am to post a bit about my honeymoon. And yes that is coming before the wedding pictures because I don’t have those yet. You can get those pictures later.

I’ll give a few more details as we get to the pictures, but for now, a summary. We took three days to drive out to Montana starting in Wisconsin, going through Minnesota, North Dakota, and finally getting to Montana where our final destination was in Great Falls. We never saw any wildfires, although they did prevent us from going to Glacier National Park as well as Yellowstone. We stayed in Great Falls for three days before making our way slowly back via Deadwood, Mount Rushmore, seeing a few people in Minnesota, Niagara Cave, and Wisconsin Dells.

From North Dakota Plains…

…to the ND hills…
…to ND Badlands
We saw a lot of fields with the round haybales, especially in Montana. Although, I think this one is in ND because there is still some green. Montana was really brown and dry.
Our favorite rest stop in Rosebud, Montana. It is beautiful and there was a family of 3 eagles flying overhead while we were there.
Here is one of the eagles and the best shot I could get with my phone camera.
We’re not in Wisconsin anymore, we’re in the Montana mountain region!


One of my favorite pictures. And yes, we did this a lot while Bill drove. Plus it was a good way to show you all my ring!

Now we’re headed to my favorite part of the trip. When Bill and I started talking about honeymoon ideas, I mentioned that I had always wanted to go to Montana, especially to see the ghost town where I had set some of my books. Bill gladly obliged me. Even after learning he would have to drive on some rather intense gravel roads with large rocks and ruts. But first, we stopped 7 miles from the ghost town to get a picture of the gorgeous white church.

Some of the rock along the side of the road



We made it!
The “town” itself. All that’s left are the two buildings and the following stone foundation. Castle Town is now on private property and the only ones who go in that area often are the cattle

After leaving Castle Town, we started seeing some more mountains and the first large amounts of green in Montana. And the first trees since leaving Eastern Minnesota.

In Great Falls, there was a lovely little park by the river. One night, Bill and I decided to sit in the swinging bench they had to look across the river at the lights of the refinery. When we turned to leave, we saw the huge full moon behind us. I had to try to capture it as best as a camera can.

The day we left Great Falls, we took a hike along a trail that we thought would lead to THE Great Falls. We were headed the wrong direction, but it was a good hike and we saw some great views of the Missouri River as well as a cute stone building where we stopped for pictures. Some of the only pictures with us in them. Oops…

The Missouri River
More of the Missouri River

When we got back to the car, we drove to the Great Falls and finally saw them. They weren’t as impressive as I thought they would be, but without the dam, I think they would be more so.

From the Great Falls, we started on our homeward journey and found the Black Eagle Falls on the Missouri River just outside of Great Falls.

We eventually made it to Deadwood, SD where we saw the tourist town (blech) and then headed to Mt. Moriah cemetery where we saw the grave sites of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.

From Deadwood, we headed to Mount Rushmore. While we waited at the gate, we saw a mountain goat.

At Mount Rushmore, we arrived about an hour before the lighting ceremony, so we walked the President’s Trail and then headed to the amphitheater for the show. It was well worth it!

Sioux Falls, SD. Finally some falls without a dam!
A fossil inside Niagara Cave in Harmony, MN. Besides the talk of evolution, it was a fun tour. My pictures of the waterfall didn’t turn out, but that too was impressive.
Heading into Wisconsin from Iowa!
First fall colors of the trip! In Wisconsin near Gays Mills.


From there we went to Wisconsin Dells. We weren’t able to do one of the Duck Tours, but we had a good time, anyway. Then it was on to my parent’s house and then to our home together. We had a great time and definitely recommend at least a one week honeymoon to anyone getting married. It is a great time of bonding–physically and emotionally–away from the stresses of work and home.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little snippet into our lives. I hope to post wedding pictures at some point as well. Talk to you soon!


9 thoughts on “The Honeymoon”

  1. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us. I have always wanted to see the Great Falls and Sioux Falls. Congratulations on your wedding. Many blessings to you for your marriage.

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  3. I so much enjoyed the photos. They were beautiful. We have traveled over twenty seven years and some of the places we have seen and some we have not but you got great photos.
    Congratulations on you wedding. It is a wonderful thing being married. I have been happily married for over thirty three years and it gets sweeter each day.

  4. To Faith and Bill, congratulations on your marriage. May God’s blessings rest and abide with you both. I prayer that you would keep Christ at the head of your marriage, and therein you will find success. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your honeymoon. God bless you both.

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