Faith Blum

Month: October 2017

Five Fall Favorites: Missionary

    This is probably the hardest day to do. I’ve read a lot of books about missionaries, but it was when I was a lot younger, so I’m really digging deep into my memory banks. And that’s also why three of the five are children’s fiction. So, here are my top five.

Five Fall Favorites: Series

  Okay, so I had a little bit of trouble with this genre. Because there are too many series’ I like. And I could only five! But I did it. I’ll put them in chronological order if I can again, too. Tales of Faith by Amanda Tero

Five Fall Favorites: Clean, Christian Fiction

In today’s Five Fall Favorites post, the genre is Clean/Christian. Since that’s all I read, it was hard to pick, but I decided to go with an eclectic assortment of sub-genres. And I’ll continue with my theme of doing them in order of history. Corral Nocturne by Elisabeth Grace Foley