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Five Fall Favorites: Series


Okay, so I had a little bit of trouble with this genre. Because there are too many series’ I like. And I could only five! But I did it. I’ll put them in chronological order if I can again, too.

Tales of Faith by Amanda Tero

Set in a made up country in the medieval time period, this series contains two connected retellings of three different fairy tales. The first book, Befriending the Beast is a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story. Amanda has a great twist to the story based on the question: What if the beast were the father?

In The Secret Slipper, one of the minor characters from the first book becomes the main character as a combination retelling of Cinderella and Rapunzel come into play. An evil woman steals Lia away and her father thinks her to be dead. As you can probably guess from the title, a slipper comes in as well.

Both books contain beautiful Scriptural truths and a wonderful, rich storyline.

The Sacketts by Louis L’Amour

Now we jump ahead in time to the days of the 1600s, American Revolution, and Wild West. Yep. This series really does span that much time. I honestly have not read them all as there are a lot, but the ones I have read are good and explain some of the rich history of our nation. I think my favorite in the series is Ride the River (mentioned on day one), but a close second is Jubal Sackett which is about a young man who explores beyond the Appalachian Mountains before Lewis and Clark did. As with all of his books, use caution if you don’t like any swearing. There isn’t much, but there are a few “minor” words the characters use.

Orphan Journeys by Amanda Tero

*sheepish smile* Yes, I do like Amanda’s books. I can’t help it. She currently only has two books out in this series, but I still love them both. It probably doesn’t help that she and I are both writing about orphans at the same time. Anyway, the first book is a beautiful, though slightly sad, story of an orphan girl who is sent on the orphan train to a loving, older couple. Marie’s whole journey is one of what real love is. Amanda also wrote a companion short story about Marie’s brother. And her next book is getting closer to done!!!

Firmament Series by J. Grace Pennington

If you’ve been on my blog much, you may have heard at least a little bit about this series. It’s one of the few science fiction series’ I read. And I love it. There are five books out so far, and the last one was the best! If you’d like to know more about the books, I have reviews of books three, four, and five on my blog.

Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight

And last, but not least is Jaye’s series. I mentioned one of the books in this series yesterday. This series is one of the only Fantasy series’ I will read. I know I just said something similar about the Firmament series, but it’s true. I am extremely picky about my sci-fi and fantasy. And Jaye’s books make the cut. They are fantasy with no magic and lots of tumultuous times. To learn more about them, you can read my reviews of the novella and books one, two, three, and four. There are still two books she plans for the series and she also recently came out with a short story about Tyra, one of the main character’s pet wolf.


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44 thoughts on “Five Fall Favorites: Series”

  1. Oh, yes, Amanda Tero’s books are always good. 🙂 I’m looking forward to her next book!
    I just read my first two Sacketts books this fall. I’m going to have to go and read the rest of them soon.
    Thanks for sharing so many books! 😀

  2. I’ve read “The Secret Slipper” and I loved it! I feel like there was some information I didn’t know, though, because I didn’t read “Befriending the Beast.” *sheepish grin* I also want to read the Orphan Journeys books, because they look so interesting!


  3. Great list! You have eclectic tastes! I’ve read several of Amanda Tero’s books. My dad read all the Sackett books this year, and as for the other two series, they are on my tbr list. 🙂

  4. I’ve been meaning to read the Ilyon Chronicles for forever and a day! I just haven’t gotten to it. I think I might have the first book on my Kindle or something … I’ll have to check. 🙂

  5. I have been wanting to read the Orphan Journeys, and the Tales of Faith series is so good! Which of the books in the Tales of Faith series did you like better? And the Ilyon Chronicles are amazing. 🙂

    1. Initial reaction: You want me to pick my favorite of the two? Oh, Abigail!

      Sane reaction: Probably Befriending the Beast because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale.

  6. I love The Secret Slipper! My favorite of Amanda’s books so far. I also read your book, A Mighty Fortress, and really liked it, though I haven’t read any of the other books in your Hymns of the West series. They all sound really good, though, and I hope to read them someday!

  7. Olivia Bell (aka Livy)

    Neat! A series I love is “The South Seas Adventures” sometimes called “The Abby Series” by Pamela Walls. It’s an 8 book Christian Adventure series that I adore! 😀

  8. My sis loves Amanda Tero’s books! And I enjoyed them as well. 🙂 I need to try some of the others you listed.

  9. I have loved seeing what books you recommend, Faith.
    Thank you for joining the party!


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