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Out of the Dark: A Review

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Good morning! Today, I have the privilege of being part of MacKenzie Morganthal’s blog tour. She is the author of two books, both dealing with Human Trafficking. I reviewed the first book a few weeks ago and today, I am reviewing her newest book which happens to be the sequel of Not Abandoned.

About the Book

mmOutoftheDark (1).jpgIt’s not over yet…

It’s been three years since Haley Hampton rescued her sister, Avery, from a human trafficking ring. They are still struggling through the aftermath as both women desperately long for healing to come. But the emotional wounds are not easily forgotten. And the past is quickly catching up to them. A string of death threats leaves Haley on the hunt for a potential killer. As tensions run high, a single mistake could jeopardize Avery’s life.
Then Haley encounters Elaine, a young teen trapped by human trafficking. Could she be their missing link in the case? Is there anyone they can trust? Haley must rely on God now more than ever if they intend to make it out alive. Will they find a way out of the darkness closing in? Because evil is lurking closer…and determined to win this time.

Purchase the book here or here.

About the Author

IMG_0921MacKenzie Morganthal is the author of “Not Abandoned,” book one in the Mission for Freedom series. She is a monthly e-magazine columnist, Creative Artist, and musician. Her writing has been featured on (in)courage, an online community for women. She loves Jesus most, sweet tea, singing along to the radio, and spending too much time at Starbucks.



Title: Out of the Dark
Written By: MacKenzie Morganthal
Genre: Christian Fiction
Recommended Ages: 13 & up


Have you ever felt like God wasn’t helping you with your situation? That’s what these characters go through in this book. And boy do they have problems.

Characters: 1/1

It was nice getting to know Haley, Avery, and DesiRae again along with a bunch of new characters. Each of them had unique problems that they had to work through. MacKenzie did a great job creating problems for each of them and making them work them out in different ways.

Dialogue: .75/1

The dialogue seemed real and was consistent with what I imagine people in those situations would say. There were a couple times I kind of questioned the actions of a character as being realistic, but nothing terribly major.

Plot/storyline: 1/1

The plot was great! It had just the right amount of tension and calm and danger to keep you wanting to read.

Overall writing quality: 1/1

The writing quality was excellent. I found a few typos, but that isn’t too unusual for me.

Un-put-down-ability: 1/1

Let’s just say I didn’t want to put it down, but I had to. The ending I was able to keep reading and I don’t think I would have put it down if I had to. It gets rather intense there. Now I really want to read the next one!

Conclusion: 4.75/5

As with the first book in this series, the content is sobering, but necessary to hear. I highly recommend it.

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