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Book Review: Pioneer Horizon

Title: Pioneer Horizon
Written By: Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick
Genre: Science Fiction
Recommended Ages: 13 & up


I needed a short read a couple nights ago, so I opened up this one. It’s a sweet, short read that appears to set up a creative commons sci-fi universe.

Characters: 1/1

The characters were pretty good. Some of them seemed kind of flat, but they were engaging enough for me to keep reading.

Dialogue: 1/1

The dialogue was good, realistic, and easy to understand. there was a little bit of scienc-y talk, but not much and it was all understandable by a non-scienc-y person.

Plot/storyline: .75/1

I wasn’t really sure what the point of the story was besides to set up the Mydlands universe. It was interesting because they had a few things happen, but it wasn’t terribly engaging.

Overall writing quality: .5/1

As mentioned above, the story seemed a little too much like a set-up and not enough like something you can just read

Un-put-down-ability: .75/1

Since this book was so short, it was hard to put down. Plus there was enough action to want to know what happened next.

Conclusion: 4/5

If you need a short read, this one is worth it. Especially since it’s free right now on Amazon.

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