Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Of goals, flying time, and proof copies

Time sure does fly. It seems like only yesterday that January started and now it’s ending already. . I just realized I never  posted my January goals. Sorry about that. First, I’ll list my January goals and how I did with them and then I’ll share my February goals.

  • Write 31,000 words Not quite done. My month was busier than expected, so I only got 25,720
  • Prep 3 blog tours, three for me and one for a client Done!
  • Publish ’Tis So Sweet Done!
  • Finish HLM edit #1 and send to beta-readers Done!
  • Finish HHMS final edit, send to formatter, and order proof copy Done (see pictures below)

As you can see, I finished most of my goals. My writing went slower than I expected, so I didn’t quite get there, but I think the writing I did was good, so I am happy. And here are the promised pictures.




February Goals

  • Work on compilations
  • Finish Tales of the East #2 outline
  • Finish Tales of the East #1 rough draft
  • Finish two blog tours (one for me and one for a client)
  • Finish Tales of the East #1 edit and send to beta-readers
  • Finish HLM edits #2 and 3

What are your goals for this month? Do you like seeing my goals each month or would you prefer I discontinue sharing them?

Faith Blum
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2 thoughts on “Of goals, flying time, and proof copies

  1. I think it’s fun reading goals others set and seeing how close them came, and when the reached them. I’ve never been much of a goal setter myself. Maybe I should try it. 🙂 Love the cover of HHMS! Makes me want to read it. 🙂 Oh, dear, so many books I want to read!

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