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March 2018 Goals

Happy March!

I hope your February went well. I know mine did. I got more done than I expected, participated in the Author Olympics (more on that in a minute), and had a few get-togethers at my house.

So the author olympics was started by a friend the last time the olympics happened. Basically, you set your expected goal (bronze), something hard to reach (silver), and something almost out of reach (gold). It was super fun and helped me be a little more productive than I may have been otherwise.

As for the get-togethers, we had two groups over: an older couple from church and then Bill’s parents and two men who went to school with Bill’s dad along with their wives. Both times were very fun and we talked quite a while. Do you like having people over?

Here are my goals from February and whether I got them done or not:

  • Work on compilations (done)
  • Finish Tales of the East #2 outline (done, also decided to change this to book #3)
  • Finish Tales of the East #1 rough draft (done)
  • Finish two blog tours (one for me and one for a client) (done)
  • Finish Tales of the East #1 edit and send to beta-readers (done)
  • Finish HLM edits #2 and 3 (not sure why I said this; I should have said HLM edit #2 started, which it is)

And now for this month’s goals. Some of which I am very excited to do.

  • Continue work on compilations
  • Rewrite Tales of the East #2 (the new #2)
  • Finish HLM edits #2 and #3
  • Finish T&O edits #2 and #3
  • Pick recital pieces and perfect them

What are your goals for this month?

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