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Christmas in July, part two

Good morning, blog readers! I’m excited to talk to you again today. I know I’ve posted quite a bit this month. It’s unusual, but it’s been fun. Today, though, I have some exciting news! Not only do I have a mega-sale going on specially for the Christmas in July event, but I also have a book announcement to make! First, the sale.

As you can see, my Hymns of the West series has two books free right now and the other three at $2.99. That’s $4 off! OR, you can get the entire collection in one volume for just $6.97, a $2 savings! Here are the links:

A Mighty Fortress
Be Thou My Vision
Amazing Grace
Lily of the Valley
The Solid Rock
The Complete Series

These books will stay on sale through the end of July.

The Big Announcement

And now for the moment I’ve been waiting for all month! Sometime in the last year, my mom asked if I’d thought of putting together a collection of Christmas stories. I hadn’t, but the idea intrigued me, so I kept it in the back of my mind. Then I got an idea for one story from my husband. So I started looking for Christmas story prompts and found a couple. For July Camp NaNoWriMo, I decided to write them. And finished on July 17th. At least the rough drafts.

If all goes well, my short story collection will be released November 26, 2018. What all is in the collection? Here is a rough draft blurb for each story:

O Come All Ye Faithful

All Edwin wants for Christmas is to be home, not on either side of No Man’s Land fighting faceless Germans. Then a Christmas miracle happens as one brave soldier after another sings Christmas carols. And not just on the Allies side, but the Germans joined in as well!

Peace on Earth

Elana and Emmie are estranged twins who have lived apart from family for years. When they are both caught in a blizzard in South Dakota and forced to stay in the same hotel room will they continue the fights that separated them five years ago or allow peace to come into their lives?

Silent Night

After Jenna’s family decides to come to her house for Christmas, she needs to hurry and get the house decorated. What will happen when she is interrupted by an apparent madwoman?

The Gift Goes On

The year before, four friends received gifts from a mysterious giver. This year, they talk about how much those gifts came in handy before opening their gifts from each other.

O Christmas Tree

Gareth loves the family tradition of finding the perfect Christmas tree and this year is no different, even if his older sister isn’t too keen on going into the cold.

What do you think? Do any of those peak your interest?

My awesome friend already designed the cover for the book, too! And I’m excited to reveal it to you now. Note: I do know that the blurb on the back cover portion is incomplete.

And there you have it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of this. And make sure you check out the rest of the Christmas in July blogs and especially the giveaway!


“Christmas Is a Gift” CD (Amanda Tero)
$5 Starbucks gift card (Amanda Tero)
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“A Christmas Disaster” paperback (Rebekah Morris)
A Holy Passion softcover (Alicia G. Ruggieri)
Ebook copy of Martin Hospitality and Andora’s Folly (Abigayle Claire)
Trust and Obey notebook (Faith Blum)
Kendra E. Ardnek – paperback of The Worth of a King (Just as soon as it comes out.)
eCopy of book one and two in the Father Christmas Series (Emily Ann Benedict)
Audiobook of Sufficient Grace (Jessica Greyson)
Audiobook of Emmeline (Sarah Holman)
Ebook of Overrun By His Love (Erika Mathews)

Giveaway Link

eBooks of “Finding Christmas Joy,” “Noelle’s Gift,” and “Hartly Manor” (Amanda Tero)
Ebook copy of Coffee Shop Christmas  (Ryana Lynn)
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eCopy of book one and two in the Father Christmas Series (Emily Ann Benedict)
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8 thoughts on “Christmas in July, part two”

  1. I love your cover, Faith! It matches the stories perfectly. 🙂 I love how it captures the stories of both “O Come All Ye Faithful” and “Peace on Earth”.

    1. Yay! So am I. All I have to do is enough research to be able to write them well. I think WWI and WWII are their own eras, actually. But I might be wrong about that.

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