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Happy New Year! A sneak peek into my goals for 2019

How has a year gone by already? It seems like just a month ago that we were talking about resolutions and goals and now we’re doing it again.

If you’ve followed me for very long, you’ll know that I don’t personally do resolutions. I do goals. Every single month. But I also do them for the year. So how did I do last year? (You can read the whole post here).


I didn’t do very well with these goals. I was able to perfect some hymn arrangements, but not the other two songs. I never made enough time for piano practice which is something I aim to change this year.

  • Etude op. 10 no. 12
  • Beethoven Sonata #7
  • Perfect multiple hymn arrangements


Until about the beginning of November, the exercise biking was going very well. Bill and I didn’t walk much together, though.

  • Exercise Bike – 3 times per week
  • Walk with Bill – 1-2 times per week


I published 4 novellas, 5 short stories, and 2 novels. So I didn’t quite make my novel goals, but exceeded the other two. I also did my research, exceeded the total word count, and I think I learned a few things about marketing. In February, I did an author talk at our library.

  • Publish 2 novellas, 1 short story, and 4 novels
  • Research WWI
  • Research Bible times
  • Write 200,000 words
  • Market better
  • Author talk(s) at library
  • Book signing?

Bible Study

This one I did better at. I finished Romans, studied Psalms 1-9, and 1 Peter.

  • Romans
  • Psalms 1-12
  • 1 & 2 Peter
  • Prophecies and fulfillments of Christ’s birth

And there are my goals from last year! How did you do with your goals?

Looking forward, I have made some goals. After going through last years, I decided to be more specific in some areas and less specific in others.

2019 Goals.png



  • Learn Un Sospiro
  • Perfect multiple hymn arrangements
  • Practice at least 3 times a week


  • Exercise – 3 times per week
  • Get to goal weight by the end of the year
  • Do the Candida diet


  • Publish 3 novellas
  • Publish 1 novel
  •  Read at least 5 books about writing
  • Write 300,000 words
  • Go through Marketing courses already bought
  • Look into Traditional Publishing
  • Book signing?

Bible Study

  • Study 1 Samuel 25 – 1 Kings 11 with BSF
  • Study entire New Testament with the church

Young Living

  • Do an average of 3 online classes and 1.5 in-home classes each month


  • Rearrange and organize guest bedroom
  • Clear out the basement
  • Get house more organized


What goals do you have for this year? How have they changed since last year? Which of my goals excites you the most?

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