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New Swag and the Promised Giveaway

Before I get on with telling you about the giveaway, I want to share a lovely little package I got in the mail on Friday.

It came in this super cute box

With this cute note and paper covering up the objects inside

Then came the real order!

Oh, sorry, did you want to see them outside of the bags?

Aren’t they just too cute? They are mini-books on key chains*. And I have about ten to fifteen of each to use as giveaways.

Speaking of which, I have one of those to announce.

There will be three prizes. The Grand Prize winner will receive three mini-book keychains of their choosing plus a Young Living Thieves Hand Purifier. Second Prize is two mini-book keychains of the winner’s choosing. Coming in Third Prize is one mini-book keychain of the winner’s choosing.

You can enter the giveaway here:

*If you want some of these adorable mini-books, you can find her on her Instagram and/or Facebook.

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