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Book Review: Broken Pieces by Lindsi McIntyre


Title: Broken Pieces
Written By: Lindsi McIntyre
Genre: New Adult Christian Speculative Fantasy
Recommended Ages: 15 & up


This book was very different from what I expected. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, but I liked this book. I don’t usually read much speculative or fantasy, but wanted to give this new author a try.
Characters: 1/1

There characters were all very interesting and definitely different from each other. I sometimes had a hard time relating to the main character, but the supporting characters helped bring her personality out a bit more so I could relate a little bit better.

Dialogue: 1/1

The dialogue was well-written and seemed to fit each of the characters well.


The plot was very fantasaical, but I thought that it lent a good balance between things that happen in our real life and what the imagery used in this fantasy world. I can’t go into more without spoiling the ending, unfortunately.

Overall writing quality: .75/1

Overall, I thought this book was very well-written. Lindsi did a great job making sure it was well edited and easy to read. There were a couple times I was slightly confused, but those were very rare.

Un-put-down-ability: 1/1

This was a short book and I was able to read it all in one sitting. Even if I hadn’t been able to, I would have wanted to.

Conclusion: 4.75/5

This book covers some tough subjects including some mentions of prostitutes, getting drunk (a minor character), and some mild fighting. For those reasons, I recommend 15 and up for this book. Lindsi did a good job of talking about those subjects without getting too graphic in detail, however. And the message of the book is well worth the price of buying it.

Note: I received a free eBook of this novella and was not under any compulsion to post a positive review.

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