Friday, October 22, 2021

Book Review: Tracking Ruby by Jessica Greyson

Title: Tracking Ruby
Written By: Jessica Greyson
Genre: Historical Fiction
Recommended Ages: 15 & up


This is the first book I read by this author. It was well worth it, too! I loved it! Before reading, I knew it was a retelling of Pride and Prejudice and loved seeing those elements in the book, plus all the references to the Jane Austen novel.

Characters: 1/1

May was definitely my favorite character. She was so sweet and kind despite everything the poor little girl had been through. I loved her so much! Sophie was also a wonderful character and Jesse was well-written, too. The way Jesse had to act at times was done well considering the author needed to make him both likeable and not likeable both at the same time.

Dialogue: 1/1

The dialogue in this book was well done and I thought it was all historically accurate as well.

Plot/storyline: .75/1

There were times when the plot got slightly confusing, but it all cleared up eventually. Overall, I really liked this idea for the story. It was both complex and simple at the same time.

Overall writing quality: .5/1

There were quite a few grammatical errors, but I was able to read past them. Overall, the writing quality was good. Jessica did a good job putting together a good story.

Un-put-down-ability: 1/1

There were many times I didn’t want to put this down. I had to, of course, but picked it up as soon as I could.

Conclusion: 4.25/5

This book was very good. I appreciated having a story to enjoy and will definitely be looking into reading more from the author to come.

Faith Blum
<p>I am Faith Blum, author of over 25 books. Most of them are Christian Historical Fiction. I am a small-town Wisconsin girl. I have lived in, or outside of, small towns my whole life. The thought of living in a city with more than 60,000 people in it scares me, especially after some interesting adventures driving through big cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.</p> <p>I currently reside in the middle of the state of Wisconsin with my husband and our cat, Smokey. I am blessed to be able to have writing as my full-time career with household work and cooking to do on the side. I am also teaching Writing Lessons, doing writing consulting, and am slowly building a Young Living Essential Oils business.</p>

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