Friday, October 22, 2021
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Announcing the Secret Project!!!

I know. I have two posts up today. Sorry, but I did some bad blog scheduling. But I also couldn’t resist sharing about this today.

I have a secret project. I’ve mentioned it here and there. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen my little countdown. Yes, I like to torture people. That’s why I became a writer. 😉 Anyway, a while back, some friends and I got to talking on a Facebook post Amanda Tero’s sister shared with her and it inspired a series idea. One that all three of us wanted to do someday. So we talked more in depth and pulled in another author to join our diabolical plan.

Today, we get to announce the project!


Sometime in 2020, Amanda, A.M., Alicia, and I are releasing a four novella series. It is set in Kentucky in the 1930s and all of the main characters are Horseback Librarians. Other than that, we are not releasing any more information besides the series title: Librarians of Willow Hollow.

I am so excited about this series! I cannot wait to share more with you, but alas, I have to. Because I’m just not ready.

Here’s a little infographic about horseback librarians to whet your appetite.


Are you excited for the series? Have you read any of the other authors’ books?

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