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Cover Reveal: The Haven of Rest

Howdy, folks!

Today, I’m super excited to share my newest cover with you! It was designed by the lovely Rossano Designs. This cover went through two iterations. My first idea was to have kind of a rainbow effect since the story was about 12 girls, but Rachel wasn’t sure she liked that, so she also did a purple version. After asking a couple of people, I decided to go with the more simple purple color. First, here’s what the rainbow one looks like:


But here is the real cover!


Isn’t it pretty? Now, I suppose I should tell you what the book is about.

About the Book

Ignored by her father…
Adah was neglected by her abba and her brother. She must do something. All her previous plans have failed, but she won’t slip up this time. Since her abba is King David, author of many songs, what better way to gain his attention than pulling off a concert featuring twelve of his daughters?

As she plans, Adah’s discontentment grows. She throws herself into the work but worry edges into her heart anyway. Can Adah learn to rest in Adonai as her father? Will she learn contentment in all things?

Inspired by The 12 Dancing Princesses fairy tale


Best of all, I have the preorder up! So you can go reserve your copy to have it as soon as it goes live on July 26th, 2019!


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