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Meet the Plot: The Secret Place of Thunder by Alicia G. Ruggieri

Good morning! Today, I am participating in a blog hop for a series I am writing a book in! I am excited to share my plot with you. The catch?  You have to go to another blog to read it. 😉 Instead, I am revealing the plot for Alicia G. Ruggieri’s novella, The Secret Place of Thunder. This is just a first glimpse of the plot rather than the full plot. So without further ado…


Edna Sue O’Connell wants two things in life: to get out of the Kentucky hills and to flee the God of her father for good. The horseback librarian program appears to hold the key to both of those goals, but what she doesn’t count on? Meeting an unusual mountain man who just may turn her world – and perspective – upside-down.

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What do you think of Alicia’s plot? Does it sound like a book you would want to read?

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