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Book Review: No Man by J. Grace Pennington

Title: Firmament: No Man
Written By: J. Grace Pennington
Genre: Christian Science Fiction
Recommended Ages: 10 & up


I have been reading Grace’s books since she first started publishing them. Each one has been well-written and entertaining and No Man is definitely not an exception in that!

Characters: 1/1

Ever since I first read book one in this series, I have loved Andi Lloyd. She is such a fun character. In this book, she is a bit different, but her life circumstances have made her so and I appreciate how Grace changed her character throughout the story. But the character I liked the best this time around was Crash. Oh my goodness! The things he goes through and what happens, especially at the end. They were just perfect!

Dialogue: .75/1

There were a couple of times that the dialogue seemed slightly stiff, but overall, it was all appropriate for the story.

Plot/storyline: .5/1

To be honest, of all the books in this series, I thought this one had the weakest plot. It was definitely very entertaining and I enjoyed reading it, but the plotline wasn’t as good as some of the others in the series.

Overall writing quality: 1/1

As always, Grace did a great job editing this book so there were few if any typos.

Un-put-down-ability: .75/1

I did have to put this book down quite a bit, but especially toward the end I didn’t want to as time started running out for certain people. And no, I’m not going into any more detail than that because that would mean spoilers and I don’t like to do that in my reviews.

Conclusion: 4/5

Despite the few issues I personally had with the plot, I definitely recommend this book (and the whole series) to anyone whether they usually like science fiction or not. I don’t read much sci-fi, but do enjoy an occasional TV show or movie in the genre. Grace’s books have been one of the few exceptions I make to the sci-fi genre. Go get your copy today!

Note: I received a free paperback from the author. I was not under an compulsion to write a review whether positive or negative.

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