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Cover Reveal Day 1

Hello! It has been a while. *hides*

But I have a bit of a treat for you this week. Not just one post, but four!


Oh, just for a little cover reveal. For four books. Remember when I told you about the Librarians of Willow Hollow series? Well, we have been working hard on our novellas and are revealing the covers and release dates! Without further ado…

Our first reveal is for Amanda Tero’s book!

About the Book

Lena Davis is the daughter her mom never wanted.

But she survived. Through stories. Because books didn’t judge. Books weren’t angry she was alive. Books never expected her to be anything but who she was.

As she grows up, her beloved library becomes her true home.

So when the library is designated part of President Roosevelt’s Packhorse Library Project, Lena is determined to get the job of bringing books to highlanders, believing she’ll finally be free of her mom forever.

But earning the trust of highlanders is harder than she imagined, and her passion for books might not be enough to free her from her chains.

Find the author:

Make sure you come back each day to see all the covers, especially tomorrow when I reveal my own cover! And make sure you are signed up for my newsletter, because that is where I will be announcing the release dates!

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