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Hymns of the West Novellas: Volume One

What happens when minor characters ask for their own stories?

A collection of three novellas as the author gives in to their demands.

Cole Baxter was introduced in the novel, Amazing Grace, but insisted he get his own story. After his sister and her husband die and leave him with her four children, he needs a wife and fast. Will he choose the right woman?

Timothy and Abigail both have the daunting task of caring for their younger sister. Can they help each other raise their sisters or does God have more in mind for them?

Alexander Granger is tired of his father’s lectures and sermons. It’s time for payback. Can Alex get away with his plan?

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Chapter 1

“Y’all have a letter,” Louise announced as they ate their slightly burned biscuits and soup. “I put it on your bed.”

“From whom?” Timothy asked.

“Richmond, Virginia. I’d guess it’s that Abigail person ya wrote to.”

Timothy’s head snapped up. “Really?”

Louise nodded, her mouth stuffed full of biscuit.

Timothy took a deep breath. “Do you mind cleaning up so I can read what she said?”

Louise chewed quickly and swallowed. “What about your supper?”

Timothy looked down into his bowl of flavorless soup. “I’m not really hungry.”

Louise furrowed her eyebrows. “Are ya sick?”

Of your food, yes. “No, I’m fine.”

Louise shrugged. “Okay.”

Timothy shoved his chair back and left the table. He hurried up to his room and snatched the letter off the bed before falling backward on it. With a deep breath, he opened the envelope and pulled out two sheets of paper. One was covered on both sides with neat handwriting and the other was partially covered on one side. “Lord, help me.”


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