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AG 5 star

9 thoughts on “AG 5 star”

  1. Sandra K. Barwick

    Good morning my name isSandy and I live in Texas I just finished reading Be Thou My Fortress and Be Thy my Vision looking forward for reading the rest of your series I assume you are a Christian what boldness In your straight forwardness to our Lord and Savior THANK YOU ! ! And I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

      1. Sandy Barwick

        I admire your writing it’s like it just flows from your heart. I have been trying to write my Family story not to publish just so that my kids will have something to remember and how life was growing up in the forties through the now 2019 wow! Big change I think that’s why I enjoy your books they tell the story of their present day life yet reaches back to home land and their history and background sorry I will try not to write any more but thanks for letting me vent keep writing and I will keep reading!,,

  2. Victoria Durot

    I loved this book, I only got to read this book, now I’m going to read book 1, I want to read book 2, 4,5 and the rest of this series, but I can’t afford to download them right now

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