Faith Blum

The Complete Series

Two Families…
The Brookings family move from Illinois to Montana to start a horse ranch. Their journey to Montana has hazards of its own, as does their life in Castle City, affecting each of them in various ways.

The Stuarts have been living a secluded life in Tennessee since the matriarch of the family died. When Jed runs away, they seclude themselves even more until a letter arrives that changes their lives—one at a time—forever.

Two Worldviews…
One family has believes in God with their whole hearts, living out their lives to the glory of God. The other family believes in God in a general sense, but they have no commitment toward Him or His ways.

One Providential God.
A stagecoach robbery instigates their meeting. Two years later, they meet again. Another year, and their lives cross paths again. What happens when God’s providence brings two families with two different worldviews together in ways only He could have planned?


The Solid Rock - Chapter 4

Joshua sneaked into the sheriff’s office and sat behind his desk while he waited. When the door opened, he smiled, but didn’t move.

“Comfortable?” Sheriff Granger asked.

Joshua nodded. “Yep. I used to have a chair just like this in my office.”

“You were a sheriff before?” the young man behind the sheriff asked.

Joshua stood up and offered his hand to him. “I was. Joshua Brookings.”

“Lane Paul. You from Castle City, Montana?”

“Yes, I am. How did you know?”

“I follow the news pretty close and saw the many stories about the kid sheriff.”

Joshua grinned. “I like you already. You’re quite observant.”

Lane shrugged. “No more than the next man.”

Joshua shook his head. “I disagree. Most people, even in Montana, don’t recognize my name. Which is fine with me. Anyway, on to business.”

“Yes. The sheriff mentioned something about finding Elizabeth’s father. I didn’t even know he was missing. All I knew was that I haven’t seen Elizabeth around much.”

Joshua sighed. “Let’s have a seat.”

They sat facing each other at the table near the cold stove while the sheriff sat behind his desk to work on paperwork.

Joshua rubbed his chin a few seconds. “Mr. Harris was kidnapped nine days ago because of an investigation.”

“What was he investigating?”

“He didn’t know.”

“What?” Lane leaned back in his chair. “I may be a simple blacksmith, but even I know you can’t investigate something without knowing what it is.”

A grin crept onto Joshua’s face. “The man who hired Mr. Harris only knew that strange things were happening in Cheyenne. That was ten years ago. He knew it would take a while and offered to pay for all of the Harrises’ living expenses until the investigation was closed.

“Mr. Harris’s wife had recently died and he had Elizabeth to raise on his own, so he jumped at the opportunity. It has taken ten years, but he is close to figuring out who is involved and what they are doing.”