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Orphans of the West: The Complete Series

Through God’s leading, four orphans grow up to be important members of their communities.

Savior, Like a Shepherd
Titus Hine is an illegitimate son who must take care of his sister and brother as winter approaches all while not being allowed to work anywhere.

 All the Way My Savior Leads
A protective young man is given the opportunity to leave the orphanage and live with a farmer and must choose whether to stay and protect his sister or go live his dream

He Hideth My Soul
An aspiring doctor finds out he is the willed heir of his rich grandfather, but when he finishes his schooling and goes to his silver mine, he must make tough decisions that could mean life or death for those working in his mine.

He Leadeth Me
When a young farmer is given the deed to his farm and told to go back, he gladly accepts only to have someone show up claiming his long-dead father owed another man a large sum of money and now there’s 13 years of interest added on.

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