Faith Blum

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Last updated: 02/04/2023

Only Trust Him

Stage: Editing
Genre: Western
Setting: Galveston, TX
About: His father went to prison for armed robbery four years ago and eighteen year old Carsten Odell Whitford has been the sole supporter of his mother since then. Despite it all, Carsten has kept his eyes on God, even if he doesn’t always trust that God is in control. He works the farm he has lived on his whole life, and in his little free time, he goes fishing with his three friends: the only people in the area who don’t think he will become a criminal like his father.

One night, the sheriff arrests him for a robbery he didn’t commit. A couple locals stand up for him and Carsten is temporarily released until the trial after promising to not leave the area or commit anymore robberies.

Carsten and his friends work together to prove he didn’t rob the store since no one, especially the sheriff, seems interested in finding out who is truly guilty. It is made all the harder since the townspeople assume he is guilty because of his father’s past, including the girl Carsten has had his eye on.

But what they don’t know is that many of the leading men in town are involved in not only robberies, but also counterfeiting and if Carsten and his friends continue their investigation, it could lead to their own deaths.

Length: 50,000 words

And Can It Be

Stage: Drafting
Genre: WWI Historical Fiction
Setting: England, 1914
About: His parents enforced on Edward Jameson that the only way to get love is to earn it. Get a perfect report card? Get a little love. Get one B? No love. The ugly birthmark on his face paired with his small size made him the perfect target for bullies. His only true joy in life is when he is studying all about airplanes.

When WWI breaks out, he heads overseas to become a pilot with the British air force and make a name for himself and maybe earn his parent’s love for more than just a day. Once there, he works hard to become an Ace Pilot. The commander is the first person to be kind to Edward since his best friend in school, but he is leery of and confused by the commander’s attention and instead gravitates toward one of the other pilots who joined when he did and actually starts becoming friends–closer friends than he ever thought was possible.

What he doesn’t know is that his friend is a German spy and Edward’s close friendship will crush his hopes of earning his parent’s love as he’s dragged down with his friend with everyone except the commander believing he may also be a spy.

Length: 60,000 words
Goal: Traditionally Publish