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Be Still, My Soul (Mysteries of the West #1)

Stage: Publishing November 20, 2023
Genre: Western
Setting: Angleton, TX
About: “Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour.” – Ephesians 4:28
When Carsten Whitford is arrested for a robbery he didn’t commit, he struggles to clear his name that’s already stained by his father’s arrest from four years ago. Carsten is the sole supporter of his mother and he works the farm he has lived on his whole life.
The day after his arrest, Carsten’s mentor gets him released until the trial. Carsten and his three friends work together to prove he didn’t rob the store since no one, especially the town marshal, seems interested in finding out who is truly guilty. The townspeople assume he is guilty because of his father’s past, including the girl Carsten wants to court.
Will Carsten and his friends find out who truly robbed the store or will they find something more sinister that could even lead to their own deaths?
48,000 words

His Eye is On The Sparrow

Stage: In edits
WWI Historical Fiction
England, 1915
About: The Wright brother’s invention binds two pilots together. But one of them is a spy.
Edward knew one thing growing up: love is earned and he could never be good enough. Friends were non-existent at school so he was captivated by the Wright brothers’ flights and camaraderie – wanting to escape in flight in a way he’s never been able to on the ground. When WWI breaks out, Edward goes to England to make a name for himself as an Ace pilot.
He trains hard in England and a pilot befriends him. Merritt is the only friend he has ever had. When someone close to Edward turns out to be a German spy, he must learn that God will look out for him just like He does with the sparrows. Edward has no reason to worry or be discouraged until he realizes that the very same friend he’s bonded with might be more than he seems.
Length: 60,000 words
Goal: Traditionally Publish

Hiding in Thee

Stage: In edits
Genre: 1870s New Mexico
Rookie US Marshal Aston grew up with his outlaw father before being abandoned at an orphanage when he was 10. He thinks he needs to please everyone to be worthy of their love or a relationship with them. The marshals he serves with have been the only family he has ever known. Now he’s on his first big job taking a bag of gold to Dallas, Texas.
Late one evening, he stops overnight in a small town of about 30 people. After depositing the gold in the town marshal’s office safe and pocketing the key, he heads to the bar. The men  are more rough looking than he’s used to for a small town, scars, grubby clothes, and there are no girls in the bar. Then he recognizes one of them as his uncle, a notorious outlaw. As he gets ready to say something, he feels something hard hit him and he wakes up in a large barn with the 30 upstanding citizens who actually live in town. Everyone he saw earlier are outlaws and now he needs to save not only the gold, but the 30 men, women, and children trapped with him.
The marshal and the men with him come up with a plan to escape and capture the outlaws in the town. Meanwhile, the outlaws are arguing about what to do with the townspeople. As they plan, Aston learns that his worth comes from God, not what others think.
Approximately 5000 words

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (Mysteries of the West #2)

Stage: In Development
Genre: Western
When Lonzo Hoffman went from Texas Ranger to temporary town marshal, he didn’t expect to fall in love with the small town and their people. He has always been close to his family and misses his four sisters and their families. He wants to go visit them, but can’t leave his new responsibilities.
Something isn’t right in town. Counterfeit bills shouldn’t keep showing up when the counterfeiters are in prison and the fake bills burned months earlier. When Lonzo does some digging and feels he’s close to figuring things out, the once hoped for call to return to the Ranges comes and could upset everything.
This case is bigger than anyone thought and he’s almost cracked the case, but ignoring the return call could leave him a town marshal permanently. What he doesn’t know is that the head counterfeiters orchestrated his summons and they won’t take no for an answer.
Goal: 50,000 words

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