Thursday, January 27, 2022


Want to know what I’m working on right now? Keep on reading to find out!
Last updated: 03/24/2021

Paul’s Judgmental Bride

Series: Matchmaker’s Mix-up
Stage: Drafting
Genre: Western
Setting: Philadelphia, PA and Austin, TX 1870
About: An elderly woman has been running a mail order bride matching service for years. Her cat, Cleo, knocks over he box of carefully matched couples who have been matched according to her questionnaires of likes and dislikes filled out by each. It takes a full month to match. She sees what Cleo has done and suffers apoplexy. Her granddaughter puts her to bed and promises to fix all the matches. The problem being that she got very mixed up.
Length: 35,000+ words
Goal: Indie Published November 2021

Come Thou Fount (formerly The Harbor Bells)

Series: Soldiers of the West #1
Stage: Letting it sit before doing a second draft
Genre: WWI Historical Fiction
Setting: Starts in Summer 1917
About: This story follows Timothy Carson, the son of Ruth and Micah Carson (Lily of the Valley), as he joins The War to End all Wars in England and France. While there, he discovers a spy in their midst and must find a way to entrap him.
Length: At least 60,000 words
Goal: Hopefully Indie publish in early 2022


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