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Want to know what I’m working on right now? Keep on reading to find out!
Last updated: 06/05/2019

The Haven of Rest

Series: Tales of the East #4
Stage: Being proofread
Genre: Biblical Fiction
Setting: About 25 years after David becomes King in Israel
About: A sort of reimagining of the fairy tale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, this story follows the oldest of David’s unnamed daughters of which I say there are at least 12
Length: 20,000 words
Goal: Indie Published July 2019

Come Thou Fount (formerly The Harbor Bell)

Series: Soldiers of the West #1
Stage: Letting it sit before doing a second draft
Genre: WWI Historical Fiction
Setting: Starts in Summer 1917
About: This story follows Timothy Carson, the son of Ruth and Micah Carson (Lily of the Valley), as he joins The War to End all Wars in England and France. While there, he discovers a spy in their midst and must find a way to entrap him.
Length: At least 60,000 words
Goal: Either Indie publish in early 2020 or traditionally publish 2020 or later

Love Lifted Me

Series: Tales of the East #5
Stage: Started the rough draft
Genre: Biblical Fiction
Setting: Just before Solomon becomes king
About: A rough reimagining of Song of Solomon as well as the fairy tale, Cinderella, this story follows a young woman living on the outskirts of Israel in the same village as Chileab and Rina (Rock of Ages). Her parents are dead and her step-brothers make her do all the work in the fields and house.
Length: Somewhere around 20,000 words
Goal: Indie Published fall 2019

I Love to Tell the Story

(This is a secret project I am working on with three other author friends. More details will be show up when we are ready to share them. This novella will tie in to at least one of my other published books, however, so speculate away)

Series: Secret
Genre: Historical Fiction
Setting: A secret
About: Also a secret. Sorry.
Length: 20,000 words

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