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New Love. Old Danger. A chance to persevere.

Young Pastor Samuel is new to Willow Hollow and is struggling to expand his church during prohibition. To complicate things, there is a sweet, new convert he is slowly falling in love with. The church eventually starts growing only to bring an old foe upon them.

Can Samuel persevere through whatever comes? How will his new love be able to help?

A prequel short story to I Love to Tell the Story.


Never in her nineteen years did Patience Giese think that the church would ever open again. And especially that the pastor would be a persistent, handsome young man. One she was slowly falling in love with.

“Patience!” The shrill voice of her spinster sister broke into her thoughts.

Patience stood at the kitchen sink with her back to her sister. “Yes, Mildred?”

“Finish those dishes quickly. I need your help getting ready for the dance.”

Patience rolled her eyes. “Yes, ma’am.” She could almost hear her sister bristle and mouthed the words as Mildred said them.

“I am not a ma’am. Be respectful of your elders without insulting them. How many times…”

“I’m sorry, Mildred,” Patience said, turning to face her sister. Mildred stood in the doorway in her fanciest dress. “That was petty of me. Please forgive me.” She turned around to wait for a response. The silence deafened Patience for the span of five very dirty dishes.






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I really enjoyed getting to see why Pastor Stuart moved to Willow Hollow and how he and his wife Patience became a couple. So sweet.

Tara Savanna


Goodreads Reviewer

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