Faith Blum

Just As I Am

Twins + Twins = Double the trouble

Eve and Evangeline Collins are adventurous twins who decide to take a risk and head west as mail order brides. Their parents are less than pleased, but do nothing to stop them. Eve and Eva don’t realize their danger until they stop just outside Cheyenne. Will they ever see their family again?


Chapter 1

“Evangeline! Look at this! This is just what we wanted.”

Evangeline Collins hopped out of her bed and crossed the room to her twin sister. “What is it?”

“Someone is advertising for a mail order bride out in Cheyenne, Wyoming,” Eve said, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

Evangeline grabbed the paper from her sister and read it. “Ooo! He’s a cowboy, too. I wonder if he has a brother or friend who wants a wife, too.”

Eve grinned. “Let’s write to him and ask.”

A slow smile grew on Evangeline’s face. “Yes, let’s!”

An hour later—after much debate over wording—they had the letter finished.

Dear Mr. Reese,

My name is Evangeline and I’m writing this letter with my twin sister, Eve. We are 20 years old and very interested in coming out West. We love adventures and there just aren’t that many adventures here in Ohio. Do you have a brother or friend who would also want to get married? We can either write for some time with you and your friend, or come out there and decide who gets whom.

A little about ourselves. I, Evangeline, like to do almost anything. Crocheting, knitting, sewing, cooking, riding horses, tending the garden, or even just sitting around a table and talking.

I, Eve, am not quite as good at cooking, but still much better than most. I also enjoy doing things with my hands, riding horses, tending gardens, and talking. Both of us are social people.

We look forward to your response,

Evangeline and Eve Collins