Faith Blum

The Solid Rock

A detective with an impossible task

 Pinkerton detective, Joshua Brookings, is sent on a job that seems simple on the surface. His fellow detective has been kidnapped and his boss, William Pinkerton, senses foul play. Joshua is sent to investigate Edward’s case in hopes of finding the kidnapped detective and helping solve the case that has taken over ten years to investigate.

Arriving in Cheyenne, Joshua finds much more than a simple kidnapping. He must go undercover yet again; something he made his boss promise never to make him do again. The only Christian amongst a group of outlaws, Joshua’s faith weakens and almost loses his assurance in God’s providence.

Will he stand on the solid Rock or drown in the sinking sand?


Chapter 1

A grin spread over Elizabeth’s face as she walked home. It was always such a great feeling to help someone, especially when they appreciated it so much. Mrs. Harper had had a rough time since the birth of her fifth child. The day before, Elizabeth had asked her father if she could stay overnight to help.

Elizabeth came in sight of the house. Glancing up and down the street, she dashed across. She could hardly wait to talk to her father and tell him she had finally overcome her fear of children.

At the corner of the fence surrounding their house, she paused. Something was wrong. She searched the yard and then the house. The front door was open.

With a pounding heart, Elizabeth ran down the fence line, through the gate, and into the house. “Father!”

The mess in the entry made her pause. The house had been ransacked. How long ago? By whom? And why?

She slowly walked through the house, being careful not to disturb anything. When she reached the study and saw over half of the books strewn all over the floor, a memory of something her father had said a few days before popped into her head.


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