Faith Blum

'Tis So Sweet

Trusting God is hard

 Eleanor Miller has never lacked for anything, but she wanted to become a schoolteacher anyway to instill the love of learning into other children. Unlike what happened with her brother, Grover.

Grover hated school and authority. He rebelled any change he could. When he almost killed a man, their family was torn apart and he was disowned.

Eleanor understands her father’s decision, but she worries she will never see Grover again. Will she find out how sweet it is to trust Jesus in everything no matter what happens or will she stop trusting Him completely?

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Chapter 1

“Bye, Eleanor. See you tonight.”

Eleanor’s head jerked up. “Where do you think you are going, Grover?”

The ten-year-old stopped at the door and scowled. “Nowhere.”

Eleanor took three quick strides to stand next to her brother, her clean, lacey dress a stark contrast to his ratty denims and shirt. “Are you trying to get another whipping? You know Father wants you to go to school. Fishing doesn’t count.”

“It should.”


“I can learn all about the river, water, fish—”

Eleanor snorted. “Put the fishing pole and worms back and come with me to school.”

Grover’s scowl deepened. “You need the schooling so you can become a schoolteacher. You’re so ugly no one will ever marry you, so you’ll need the job. I don’t need the schoolin’. I can do just fine on my own.”

Eleanor swallowed. The insult meant nothing to her. She knew it was true, even though he said it more harshly than she would have liked. “It’s your funeral, I guess. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Grover turned and hurried out the door of their mansion. Eleanor sighed and tried to let the words of the hymn Mrs. Martha, the housekeeper, was humming sink in. “’Tis So Sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His word, Just to rest upon His promise, just to know ‘Thus saith the Lord.’”

“That boy is going to be trouble someday,” Mrs. Martha said. “What he needs is a ma.”

Eleanor bit her lip and forced the tears away. “Ma only died a year ago, and even then, he didn’t mind anyone.”

Mrs. Martha huffed. “Have you finished your breakfast?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good. Your lunch pail is on the table. I’ll walk to town with you. We need a few things.”

Eleanor smiled. “If you make a list, I could go after school.”

Mrs. Martha shook her head. “No, we need them before you are finished at school. Besides it will do my old bones some good to walk to town.”

Eleanor laughed softly. “Yes, after all, we live so far away from town. It only takes us two minutes.”

Mrs. Martha’s eyes twinkled. “I am very well aware of that, young lady. Now go get yourself ready for school. It wouldn’t do for you to be late.”

Eleanor headed upstairs to her spacious room to get her shawl and schoolbooks. It was too bad all the money her father made couldn’t buy obedience for her little brother. “God, if faith can move mountains, can it change Grover’s heart?”

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