Faith Blum

The Haven of Rest

Ignored by her father…

Adah was neglected by her abba and her brother. She must do something. All her previous plans have failed, but she won’t slip up this time. Since her abba is King David, author of many songs, what better way to gain his attention than pulling off a concert featuring twelve of his daughters?

As she plans, Adah’s discontentment grows. She throws herself into the work but worry edges into her heart anyway. Can Adah learn to rest in Adonai as her father? Will she learn contentment in all things?

Inspired by The 12 Dancing Princesses fairy tale


Chapter 1

The ragged sackcloth itched unbearably. Adah attempted to ignore it as she sat at the gate to the palace, her hand out, waiting for someone to take notice of her and give her something. She had put dirt in her brown hair and made it as messy as possible. After a whole morning, people had given her a loaf of bread, a coin, and a small bowl. The bowl had been given to her with the instructions to use it for water.

The sun beat down on her, making the sackcloth even itchier and the bowl more and more appealing. But how could she go get the water without leaving her place? And what if someone recognized her on her way to the well? No, she would stay put. She wouldn’t die because of a few hours without water.

Adah groaned quietly when she recognized one of the men approaching the palace gate. Prince Amnon. One of the worst people she could imagine catching her here. She kept her head down and tried not to attract attention.

“What’s a beggar doing here?” Amnon’s voice demanded.

“I’m sorry, sir,” the guard stammered. “I’ll get rid of her immediately.”

Amnon growled. “I’ll do it myself.”

Adah’s heart skipped a beat. No, he couldn’t. Let the guard do it. Or anyone, but not Amnon.

“It’s time to move on, beggar,” Amnon said, nudging her leg with his sandaled foot. “You can do this somewhere else.”

Adah stood, still keeping her head down. “I’m sorry, Your Highness. I’ll go.”

Before she could move even a step, he took hold of her arm. “Adah?”

Adah swallowed hard and attempted to escape, but Amnon lifted her face toward him, his rough hands gripping her chin hard.

“What are you doing, Adah?” His voice held an angry tone in it as he pulled her in through the palace gates and to a secluded area of the courtyard. He touched her hair and looked her up and down. “Why would you put ashes in your hair and mess it up so poorly? Or dress in rags like this? You are the eldest daughter of the king of Israel! You don’t need any food or money.”

Adah pursed her lips but didn’t answer her brother. He wouldn’t understand.

Amnon gripped her upper arms roughly. “Answer me, Adah.”

Adah shook her head. “Bring me to Abba and I will answer your question in front of him.”

Amnon glared at her. “You are nothing but a girl, Adah. This is not a matter to bring to the king. I am his chief advisor and heir to the throne. Anything you want to say to him can be said to me instead.”

Adah shook her head again. “I am a woman, not a girl. Not that you or anyone else noticed. What I wanted to say to Abba isn’t important. I’ll go home and change into proper clothing.”

To Adah’s surprise, Amnon let her leave, and she went straight for the house closest to the palace. Once there, she crept past her ema and sister to the sleeping area. She hurriedly changed into a tunic made of material more fitting to a princess of Israel. Not that she ever truly felt like one. What princess lived in a home like this instead of the palace? Or was denied access to her own abba?

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