Faith Blum

Trust and Obey

A wicked priestess, a morally corrupt king, and two children stuck in the middle…

 Hadassah and Gidal love their parents and will do anything for them. When Priestess Basmat tell Ehud and Jerusha to pay their debt, they cannot and she takes Hadassah and Gidal as her slaves for two years.

The priestess works them hard, but there are two other servants to divide the load with, so they cope as well as they can. Then King Saul comes in disguise requesting the priestess’s other services—as a medium.

Will Hadassah and Gidal trust Adonai to take care of them? What will happen after Priestess Basmat comes face-to-face with the prophet Samuel?

 A Hansel and Gretl reimagining


Chapter 1

“What are we going to do?”

Ehud sighed. “I don’t know, Jerusha. What can we do? The land is poor and the crops are not growing well. The ones that do, people don’t want to buy. I’m not sure what else I can do.”

Jerusha put a hand on his arm and caressed it. “I know you are doing your best, but we need to figure out something. Basmat won’t wait forever. She has already been far more lenient than I ever expected.”

“I know.”

Jerusha picked at a loose thread on the tie around her waist. “I… Do you ever wonder if she is truly a priestess for Yahweh?”

Ehud’s eyes widened. “Don’t ever say something like that out loud. We cannot take the chance that she isn’t. If she isn’t, Yahweh will be her judge. If she is, we need to do as she says.”

Jerusha chewed her lower lip. “Yes, Ehud.”

They were silent for a while. Ehud was the one to break it. “Perhaps we could cut down our food consumption to save some of our wages.”

Jerusha shook her head violently. “What about the children? Hadassah and Gidal are growing and need the nourishment to become healthy adults. Hadassah is almost a woman now. She needs to be healthy and strong so you can find a good match for her. Gidal is reaching the age when he’ll need more food, not less. He is a scholarly boy and I am convinced that his mind needs the food as much as his body does.”

Ehud pursed his lips and nodded. “Very well. I will find some other way. When Hadassah comes back from market, have her come help me, please.”

“I will.”

Ehud rubbed her chin and gave her a gentle kiss. “I love you, Jerusha. You are more than I ever could have imagined when our fathers matched us.”

Jerusha smiled. “You always seem to say the same thing I am thinking, Ehud. May Yahweh bless your work this afternoon.”

“And yours.” He left the small house, scaring a chicken along the way.

Jerusha shook her head. “You silly scaredy-chicken. Why don’t you go outside and get some fresh air? It will do you good. You cannot stay in here all day or I may cook you up for our evening meal.”

The chicken seemed to look at her with a frightened gaze. Jerusha shooed it outside and then returned to making her bread. She had just put the bread in the oven when Hadassah burst through the front door.

“Oh, mother! You won’t believe what I got.”

Jerusha tilted her head. “No, I don’t suppose I will.”

“Caleb’s mother gave me twice the amount of cheese as I paid for! I kindly showed her the mistake and she said, ‘After everything your mother has done for me, it is my turn to bless you. Go, take it home. Shalom, Hadassah.’ Isn’t she kind?”


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