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Writing Consultation

I offer writing consultation through Reveries Company! If you would like to have a consult on anything writing related or Indie Publishing, contact Reveries and they will connect you with either me or one of the other consultants.

Writing Lessons

Want to learn more about writing? I now offer customized writing lessons! During these lessons, you will learn about:

  • Creating characters and character arcs
  • How to plot and outline a short story or novel
  • What a theme is
  • Tips for editing
  • And anything else you may need to grow as a writer

How it works:

We will do video calls (audio is okay if that is all your internet will allow) via Google Hangouts or Skype. We will meet once a week on a day we figure out through our emails. I require at least 24 hours of advance notice for cancellation of a lesson.

The first lesson will be mainly a get to know each other session. The first 3-5 lessons after that will be about writing. The number of lessons will depend on where you are in the writing process and what you want to learn. The last lessons will be working on your writing project!

Requirements for you:

I will require at least one book on writing to be purchased, but you get to choose whether eBook or paperback is best for you. I will provide a list of books along with my recommendations and we can work through what is best for you and your writing level after you commit to being my student.

Internet good enough for at least an audio call, but preferably a video call so I can share my screen as needed.

Consistent availability for at least 10 weeks for a short story, 20 weeks for a novella/short novel, and 30 weeks for a longer novel.

You will also be expected to be self-motivated and accountable to keep up with the reading and writing assignments each week.

Genres not allowed: Horror, Paranormal, High Fantasy (fantasy with magic), erotica, anything with language, sex, or excessive violence. I am a Historical Fiction writer primarily, but have taught students who have written fantasy, contemporary, and children’s fiction.



This 10-week course includes 4-5 lessons on writing and 5-6 lessons working on a short story you write. You will be expected to write a short story (1,500-7,500 words) in 2-3 weeks so we have time to edit it the last 3 weeks. Cost: $20.75/lesson*

Louis L’Amour:

This 20-week course includes 4-5 lessons about writing and 15-16 lessons working on a novella/short novel you write. You will be expected to write your story (15,000-39,999 words) in 10-12 weeks so we have time to edit it the last few weeks. Cost: 19.75/lesson*

Jane Austen:

This 30-week course which includes 4-5 lessons about writing and 25-26 lessons working on a novel you write. You will be expected to write your story (40,000-60,000 words) in 20-22 weeks so we have time to edit it the last few weeks. $18.75/lesson*


I reserve the right to not choose to teach you for any reason, including, but not limited to, lack of times available, genre chosen, gender, age, etc.

*If you pay in full up front, you will receive a 10% discount.  All payments must be made through Paypal.


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