Faith Blum

Christ Arose

A Tomb’s Tale

And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it. His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow: And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.

 No longer could I say I was lonely. But oh, how I wish I could! Who could have done such a thing to the Creator of the world? Who had so much hatred for Him?


I am empty. Bereft. No one visits, no one comes near. The garden is a comfort in some ways. The beauty of the flowers, the trees, and the sky above. But I am lonely. Not like my brothers and sisters nearby. They have been used. They are filled with the bodies of their masters’ loved ones.

Yes, I am a tomb. The rock I am made from was created by God the Creator long ago. Sometime later, Joseph of Arimathea bought me and had men work on me until a beautiful place became hollowed out for my master's body and for his loved ones when they went to be forever with their Creator.

It has been many years since those masons worked on me. I used to love when they came. I listened to their conversations and relished in their company. Then they left after making all the ledges and hollows they needed.

Then something amazing happens. I have seen many things over the years, including some eclipses, but this one is the most unusual. In the middle of the day, the sky becomes dark as night, the ground shakes and cracks form in the ground far away. The stones roll away from many of the openings in my brothers and sisters and the people inside start walking toward Jerusalem! My brothers and sisters and I murmur among each other wondering what is happening.  Is it time for our Creator to make the earth new already?

The darkness lasts three hours. Then the sky slowly lightens and when it does, I see some men coming toward me. Two men carry a body between them. A shiver of excitement goes through me as I see the man in the lead. My master has come! But who is he carrying? And where are all the mourners? Ah, there... There are only two mourners? Who is this man that only four people would come to mourn his death?